Call for Papers | “Global Perspectives in Sport Management Education” | Special Issue of Sport Management Education Journal. Call ends September 3, 2019

Guest Editors

  • Carrie LeCrom
  • Michael Naylor

There is no doubt that sport has become a global phenomenon and industry. Sport’s international popularity allows people across the globe to connect to other parts of the world (Miller, Lawrence, McKay, & Rowe, 2001). As an example among sport organizations in the United States alone, the recruitment of international collegiate student-athletes has become commonplace within the NCAA (Popp, Hums, & Greenwell, 2009), youth sport organizations are taking teams abroad (Manjone, 2008), and professional sport organizations are hosting international competitions with increased frequency (Greene, 2013; NFL, 2016). As a result, the industry is demanding that coaches and executives understand how to operate and communicate within a global economy.

With this in mind, there is increased pressure for sport management students to be prepared to move into the global marketplace. Scholars are encouraging the global sharing of knowledge and inter-country collaboration (Costa, 2005). In her 2009 Ziegler award speech, Lucie Thibault noted, “it is increasingly imperative for sport management students to understand globalization and its impact on sport as they embark on careers in the field.” Meanwhile, Li, MacIntosh and Bravo (2012) published a text on the topic titled International Sport Management, but note that even their text cannot fully cover the depth and breadth of the topic in preparing future leaders in the industry.

Strategies have been enlisted within individual sport management programs to attempt to prepare their students to work in a global industry, including recruiting international scholars, offering study abroad courses, using technology to connect to people across the globe, and internationalizing their curriculum in other ways. However, little has been published to date on the impact and effectiveness of these strategies. This special issue attempts to fill this gap and provide sport management faculty with thoughtful dialogue on how we can educate our students for what has become an ever-changing global landscape.

This special issue of SMEJ will provide insight on global and international education in sport management. Research published in this issue will offer a glimpse into the possibilities and opportunities to better prepare sport management students for the increasingly global sport industry. This special issue is open to all methodologies for research manuscripts, and practical case studies and essays submitted under the Pedagogical Innovations section will also be considered (see submission guidelines for details).

Possible topics include but are not limited to:

    • Impact of study abroad on sport management students
    • Evaluating university exchange programs in sport
    • Strategies for globalization of curriculum
    • Examining the impact of a global focus on multiculturalism in students/faculty
    • Cross-cultural education
    • Educational partnerships and collaborations abroad
    • Recruiting, supporting, and retaining international scholars
    • Preparing sport management students for work in a global industry
    • Examining the importance of or demand for international student experiences
    • Technology’s role in reducing geographic barriers to global learning
    • Alumni/industry perspectives on the importance of multiculturalism
    • Taking advantage of one-off international events, within and outside of North America
    • Sport Management worldwide – connecting with sport management faculty in other cultures

Submission Guidelines

Submission guidelines for this special issue must adhere to the submission guidelines for SMEJ, which can be found at

Authors should submit their manuscript through Manuscript Central, the online submission system for SMEJ at

The cover page for the manuscript should clearly state that the submission is for the special issue on Global Perspectives in Sport Management Education.

Specific questions should be addressed to the Guest Editors:

Carrie W. LeCrom, Ph.D.
Virginia Commonwealth University
1300 W. Broad Street, Box 842003
Richmond, VA 23284

Michael Naylor, Ph.D.
Auckland University of Technology
90 Akoranga Dr.
Northcote, Auckland
New Zealand 0627
+64 09 921 9999 Ext 6627

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