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    Call for Papers | “Diversity and Inclusion in Sport Management Education”, Special Issue of Sport Management Education Journal. Call ends December 1, 2020

    Sport scholars have consistently advocated for more diverse and inclusive sport organizations, but identity-related inequities and injustices continue to prevail in sport organizations and sport management classrooms as well. Hence, in addition to calls for more diversity, it is important to advocate for inclusion and social justice efforts. Cunningham (2014) argued that all sport management academicians have “a stake in ensuring sport is inclusive and socially just”.

    Call for Papers | “Global Perspectives in Sport Management Education” | Special Issue of Sport Management Education Journal. Call ends September 3, 2019

    This special issue of SMEJ will provide insight on global and international education in sport management. Research published in this issue will offer a glimpse into the possibilities and opportunities to better prepare sport management students for the increasingly global sport industry. This special issue is open to all methodologies for research manuscripts.
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