Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly, Volume 37, 2020, Number 1


What’s in a Sport Class? The Classification Experiences of Paraswimmers
Kirsti Van Dornick and Nancy L.I. Spencer
Pages: 1–19

A Delphi Study of Effective Adapted Physical Education Practicum Experiences
Andrea R. Taliaferro and Sean M. Bulger
Pages: 20–40

Oculomotor Control in Amputee Soccer Players
Wojciech Jedziniak, Piotr Lesiakowski and Teresa Zwierko
Pages: 41–55

Exploring the Influence of Wheelchair-User Interface and Personal Characteristics on Ischial Tuberosity Peak Pressure Index and Gradient in Elite Wheelchair Basketball Players
Joseph Peters, Ian Rice and Tyson Bull
Pages: 56–71

Development and Acquisition of Knowledge of Youth Parasport Coaches
Pierre Lepage, Gordon A. Bloom and William R. Falcão
Pages: 72–89

The Relationships Among Perceived Organization Support, Resilience, Perceived Mattering, Emotional Exhaustion, and Job Satisfaction in Adapted Physical Educators
K. Andrew R. Richards, Wesley J. Wilson, Steven K. Holland and Justin A. Haegele
Pages: 90–111

(Un)imaginable (Para-)athletes: A Discourse Analysis of Athletics Websites in Canada
Danielle Peers, Timothy Konoval and Rebecca Marsh Naturkach
Pages: 112–128



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