Research Seminar Series in Sport Sciences, Malmö University | 25 May 2015: “Managing physical education lessons: An interactional approach” with Dean Barker

dean-barkerThe venue for this seminar is Orkanen, Nordenskiöldsgatan 10, room E121c, on Monday, May 25, 13:15–15:00. The seminar will be in English.

Managing physical education lessons: An interactional approach

Dean Barker
Dept. of Food and Nutrition,
and Sport Science
University of Gothenburg

Physical education (PE) lessons involve complex and dynamic interactive sequences between students, equipment and teacher. The potential for unexpected and/or unintended events is relatively large, a point reflected in an increasing amount of scholarship dealing with classroom management (CM). The discussion is located against a backdrop of current CM scholarship. Reference is also made to two aspects of social context: the increasing prominence of managerial discourse in educational arenas, and the significance of student-centeredness in pedagogical theory. Both aspects appear to influence how order can be achieved in PE today.

Please read the abstracts in the articles posted below ahead of the seminar.

acrobatreaderArticle #1

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acrobatreaderArticle #3

And please, welcome, one and all!

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