Psychology of Sport and Exercise, Vol. 58, January 2022

Research Articles

When the going gets tough, what happens to quiet eye? The role of time pressure and performance pressure during basketball free throws
Francesco Giancamilli, Federica Galli, Andrea Chirico, Dario Fegatelli, Luca Mallia, Tommaso Palombi, Susanna Cordone, Fabio Alivernini, Laura Mandolesi, Fabio Lucidi

Congruence of efficacy beliefs on the coach-athlete relationship and athlete anxiety: Athlete self-efficacy and coach estimation of athlete self-efficacy
Sarah A. Stephen, Christine M. Habeeb, Calum A. Arthur

Open Access
Toward adjustment profiles for lower secondary student-athletes in the Finnish dual career context: A mixed-methods approach
Joni Kuokkanen, Jan-Erik Romar, Mirja Hirvensalo

The effects of self-efficacy on physical and cognitive performance: An analysis of meta-certainty
Javier Horcajo, David Santos, Guillermo Higuero

An exploration of doping-related perceptions and knowledge of disabled elite athletes in the UK and Austria
Kathrin Weber, Laurie B. Patterson, Cornelia Blank

The Flow-Clutch Scale: Development and preliminary validation in sport and exercise
Christian Swann, Janelle Driscoll, Scott G. Goddard, Royce Willis, Matthew J. Schweickle, Ingrid Araujo Fernandes Ribeiro, Matthew Gatt, Patricia C. Jackman, Stewart A. Vella

Motivation beliefs, emotions, leisure time physical activity, and sedentary behavior in university students: A full longitudinal model of mediation
Alex C. Garn, Kelly L. Simonton

Athletic identity, values and self-regulatory efficacy governing hypercompetitive attitudes
Youssef Albouza, Pierre Chazaud, Monique Wach

Red shirt color has no effect on winning in European Soccer: Reanalysis of Attrill et al. (2008) of the English premier league and six additional European leagues
Nadav Goldschmied, Philip Furley, Shakira Trejo, Angela Haddad, Aaron Böning

The interplay of actual and perceived physical fitness in children: Effects on motivation and physical activity
L. Henning, D. Dreiskämper, M. Tietjens

Assessing lifetime stressor exposure in sport performers: Associations with trait stress appraisals, health, well-being, and performance
Ella McLoughlin, Rachel Arnold, David Fletcher, Chandler M. Spahr, George M. Slavich, Lee J. Moore

Effects of instagram sports posts on the athletic motivation of female elite athletes: Do they inspire or backfire?
Silvana Weber, Marte Olsen, Sarah E. Martiny

The cognitive load of physical activity in individuals with high and low tolerance to effort: An ecological paradigm to contrast stepping on the spot and stepping through space
Mauraine Carlier, Yvonne N. Delevoye-Turrell

Open Access
Linking psychological risk profiles to running-related injuries and chronic fatigue in long-distance runners: A latent profile analysis
Luuk P. van Iperen, Jan de Jonge, Josette M.P. Gevers, Steven B. Vos

The effects of self-compassion on daily emotion regulation and performance rebound among college athletes: Comparisons with confidence, grit, and hope
James D. Doorley, Todd B. Kashdan, Caroline H. Weppner, Carol R. Glass

Personal strivings of mentally tough Australian Rules footballers
James D. Clark, Clifford J. Mallett, Tristan J. Coulter

Parents’ competitive stressors in professional German youth soccer academies: A mixed-method study
Valeria C. Eckardt, Travis E. Dorsch, Travis E. Dorsch

Effects of traditional and immersive video on anticipation in cricket: A temporal occlusion study
Russell M. Discombe, Jonathan M. Bird, Adam Kelly, Rebecca L. Blake, David J. Harris, Samuel J. Vine

Open Access
Affordance-based control in deceptive and non-deceptive penalties in soccer goalkeeping: Gender matters!
Ran Zheng, John van der Kamp, Xinyong Song, Geert Savelsbergh

Parent and child car-ride interactions before and after sport competitions and practices: Video analysis of verbal and non-verbal communication
Katherine A. Tamminen, James E. Bissett, Sina Azimi, Jeemin Kim

Developing decision making in Rugby Union match officials using rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT)
Craig Maxwell-Keys, Andrew G. Wood, Martin J. Turner

Compositional insights on the association between physical activity and sedentary behavior on momentary mood in daily life
Marco Giurgiu, Ulrich W. Ebner-Priemer, Dorothea Dumuid

The relation of learning disabilities to the long-term outcomes of concussion
Veronik Sicard, Robert Davis Moore

Tai Chi exercise training enhances executive function and fluid intelligence of healthy older adults: Cross-sectional and longitudinal evidence
Xiaojing Lv, Xuezhu Ren, Congying Guo, Lixu Tang

Review Articles

Toward understanding of coaches’ role in athletes’ eating pathology: A systematic review and ecological application to advance research
Dana K. Voelker, Amanda J. Visek, Jordyn L. Learner, Miranda DiBiasio

How are physical literacy interventions conceptualized? – A systematic review on intervention design and content
Johannes Carl, Jaime Barratt, Clemens Töpfer, John Cairney, Klaus Pfeifer

Sleep interventions for performance, mood and sleep outcomes in athletes: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Kate Gwyther, Simon Rice, Rosemary Purcell, Vita Pilkington, Olga Santesteban-Echarri, Alan Bailey, Courtney C. Walton

Open Access
Effects of a single bout of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity on executive functions in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Ting-Yu Chueh, Shu-Shih Hsieh, Yu-Jung Tsai, Chien-Lin Yu, Chiao-Ling Hung, Valentin Benzing, Mirko Schmidt, Yu-Kai Chang, Charles H. Hillman, Tsung-Min Hung

Short Communication

Expertise and injury experience in professional skiers modulate the ability to predict the outcome of observed ski-related actions
Alice Rossi Sebastiano, Karol Poles, Monica Biggio, Marco Bove, Marco Neppi-Modona, Francesca Garbarini, Carlotta Fossataro

Articles from the Special Issue on Emotions in sport Edited by Claudio Robazza & Montse Ruiz

Self-compassion and body-related self-conscious emotions: Examining within- and between-person variation among adolescent girls in sport
E. Pila, J.D. Gilchrist, K.C. Kowalski, C.M. Sabiston

Longitudinal trajectories of emotions among athletes in sports competitions: Does emotional intelligence matter?
Guillaume Levillain, Guillaume Martinent, Philippe Vacher, Michel Nicolas

Articles from the special issue Athletic Migration edited by Tatiana Ryba and Natalia Stambulova

Adding experiential layers to the transnational-athlete concept: A narrative review of real-world heterogeneous mobility experiences
Ray Bobrownicki, Stephanie Valentin

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