PhD studentship in sport philosophy to the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. Apply before August 7, 2020

The position

The Department of Sport and Social Sciences has a vacant PhD candidate position in the field of sport philosophy. There is the possibility of applying to one out of two (or to both) predefined PhD projects. One project will be focusing on the ethics of medicalization and performance-enhancing means in sport, and the other on eco-philosophical and environmental issues in sport.

Project description

      • The ethics of medicalization and performance-enhancing means in sport. The PhD position will be linked to the project “Youth sport, medicalization and health” examining attitudes and practices related to the use of performance-enhancing substances and methods in organized youth sport. The approach is cross-disciplinary and includes perspectives from the social sciences, primarily social psychology and sociology, and the humanities, primarily philosophy/ethics. Relevant PhD-projects can relate to sport in general and examine questions such as the possibility of distinguishing between acceptable and non-acceptable performance-enhancing means and methods; and ideas and concepts of medicalization and human enhancement in a sporting context.
      • Eco-philosophical and environmental issues in sport. The position will be linked to the project “Ecological sustainability in children and youth sport”. The project aims at examining current status and future possibilities when it comes to environmentally sound and ecologically sustainable sport. The approach is sociological and can be expanded with perspectives from the humanities, in particular from philosophy/ethics. Relevant PhD projects can examine eco-philosophical ideas in sport understood in a wide sense (organized sport, exercise and fitness activities, and outdoor education (‘friluftsliv’); and the potential value of various forms of sport in development towards ecologically sustainable societies.

Both projects are conducted in collaboration with NIH’s Research Center for Children and Youth Sports. Projects may also take on other questions within the defined topical areas. Candidates are advised to inform in their applications about the topical area to which they apply. The successful candidate will develop the PhD project under the supervision of professor Sigmund Loland.

Competence requirements

Applicants must be qualified for a PhD candidate position at NIH and must have completed a Master’s degree in sport philosophy or a related field with relevance for the announced positions (minimum grade requirement B or international equivalent). For more information, see

Selection criteria:

      • Quality and relevance of higher education, in particular of the Master’s degree
      • Quality and relevance of research (if any)
      • Proficiency of oral and writing communicative skills in English
      • Personal suitability

We search for motivated and open-minded candidates with intellectual curiosity and with the ability to work independently as well as being part of a research team. Good communicative and social skills will be emphasized. Due to possible teaching and supervision assignments, mastery of a Scandinavian language will be considered an advantage.

Working conditions

      • Salary is offered according to the Norwegian State pay scale, employment code 1017, PhD research fellow
      • Daily workplace will be at NIH and he/she will become member of the Department of Sport and Social Sciences
      • The appointment will be made according to the terms applying to civil servants
      • The NIH is a member of the Norwegian State Pension Fund

The PhD research fellowship period is three or four years, depending upon whether the position will be assigned a 25% teaching load. Working place is Department of Sport and Social Sciences at the NIH.

NIH personnel and recruitment policy aims at taking into account the diversity of the Norwegian population to the greatest possible extent. It is an explicit aim to search for age and gender balance and to recruit competent applicants with minority background. Women and persons with minority background are encouraged to apply. The public workforce must reflect the diversity of the Norwegian population to the greatest possible extent. NIH personnel policy objective is to achieve a balanced age and gender mix.

Applications will be handled according to the relevant regulations as defined in the Norwegian Open Files Act. The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences has an agreement for all employees, aiming to secure rights to research results and intellectual property.

The clause of exemption gives the right, but not the obligation, to refuse access to documents relating employment in the public service, see Freedom of Information Act § 25. In our recruitment system, applicants will be given the opportunity to request to be exempt from public access, but it is up to employer to determine whether the request shall be approved or not. If the applicant`s desire to be exempt from public access is not approved by employer, the applicant will be notified so that applicant can withdraw application.

How to apply

Applications are accepted using an on-line application procedure ( before 07.08.2020.

The application must be written in English. Other documents should be in English or in any Scandinavian language. Foreign applicants are required to attach an explanation of their University’s grading system.

In addition to the electronic CV registered through our website, the applicant must submit:

      • A personal application letter, including motivation for the position (you have to specify which of the project you are applying for)
      • CV (summarizing education, positions and academic work including publications, Master theses etc.)
      • Copies of educational certificates and grades
      • Names, email and telephone number of 2-3 referees (describe relation to applicant)

In cooperation with the supervisor, the candidate is expected to draft a research proposal including an overall work plan within one month after appointment. The application will be treated in accordance current guidelines for PhD research fellow appointment. For additional informationabout the PhD program, including regulations and application form, please see


Interested applicants are advised to contact the academic community in preparing the application.

Further information concerning the position can be obtained from:

      • Head of department, Professor Lone Friis Thing, e-mail:
      • Professor of sport philosophy, Sigmund Loland, e-mail:


      • Senior adviser Gro Styrmo, phone.+ 47 23 26 20 31 (PhD-studies/admission)
      • Jan Wangen, phone. +47 23 26 20 56 (electronical application)


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