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    Call for Papers | “Exploring EDI in Sport with a Focus on Gender, Sustainability, and Disrupting the Sports Industry” Conference | Leeds, Weetwood Hall Estate, June 12, 2024. Call...

    In today's sports landscape, the need for equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) is crucial. This conference focuses on examining EDI in sports, specifically emphasizing gender and sustainability. Our goal is to challenge and disrupt existing norms in the sports industry while exploring the intersection of EDI, gender dynamics, and sustainability. We aim to unravel complexities and pave the way for transformative change within the sports arena. 

    Call for Participation | Sport for Climate Action and Nature Symposium | Loughborough University, January 29, 2024. Book your place by 12 January 2024.

    Leading academics, national governing bodies, climate action charities, athletes, fans and key policy makers will come together at this symposium to present the key climate issues in sport and how we can overcome them. The answers to the challenges we face are not simple, but we can start by asking the vital questions.  Please join this crucial conversation as we begin co-creating a roadmap towards a sustainable future for sport and the planet.

    Call for Papers | “Sport and Climate Change”, Special Issue of Sport in Society | Call ends February 1, 2024

    Climate change already has affected sports in many ways. Athletes suffer from having to perform in extreme heat, winter events are cancelled due to lack of snow or moved because of warmer climate. Many sports have strong links to and appreciation of nature, yet their environmental impact remains problematic. The overall aim of this Special Issue is to pinpoint research-based options for sports to work proactively with climate change through informed management, combining innovation and tradition at a global scale.

    Call for Papers | ‘Cricket in a post-ICEC World: Where do we go from here?’ | CC4 Museum of Welsh Cricket, Sophia Gardens, Cardiff, February 23, 2024. Call ends...

    The conference is being organised by the Cricket Research Network (see below for a statement of aims), which is chaired by Dr Raf Nicholson. The conference will serve as the launch of the network, and all conference attendees will be encouraged to sign up to network membership. More information about the network will be provided during the conference. We are seeking short (maximum 20-minute) research-based presentations from anyone who has original research into cricket which they would like to share.

    Call for Papers | “Sport Education for Sustainable Development: The Euro-Med Perspective”, the 16th ENSE Forum 2023 | Rome, Italy, September 21–22, 2023. Call ends August 15, 2023

    The Forum will offer a space of reflection and discussion on the current societal and educational challenges facing Europe and the broader Mediterranean Basin. In particular, the Forum will focus on the role of sport education in a transitioning world and tackle issues such as social cohesion and intercultural dialogue, sustainability, coach education, physical education, and digital education in sport. A chance to present and engage in a historic setting, registration and abstract submission for the event are now open.

    Call for Participation | “Slowing Down: Tourism Practice in the Era of the Anthropocene” | Free online RGR & ECR Symposium, May 24–25, 2023

    The symposium invites scholars, practitioners, and activists to come together to explore alternative approaches to tourism that prioritise sustainability, well-being, and social justice. We aim to create a space for critical reflection and discussion where participants can share their experiences and insights and develop strategies for disrupting the toxic culture of intense productivity and consumption in teaching, scholarship, and daily life.

    Call for Papers | “Environmental Sustainability and the Olympic Games”, Special Issue of Journal of Olympic Studies | Call ends August 31, 2023

    This special issue seeks to explore such complexities and environmental issues surrounding the Games. We welcome theoretical, empirical, and conceptual submissions from a broad range of disciplines (history, sociology, anthropology, environmental studies, philosophy). While broad, we hope this special issue will capture the array of connections between climate change, physical culture, and the Olympics.

    Call for Papers | “Nature Sport and Environmental History: Adulation or Alteration of Nature?”, special Issue of Sport History Review. Call ends April 1, 2023

    With the exploits of early sports practitioners and adventurers, the tourist development of certain sports sites led to urbanization or gentrification, which poses other environmental preservation and social concerns. Relationships with the “natural” world are shaped by cultures and this special issue invites reflection on how nature sport has been a medium for such expressions and contestations.

    Call for Papers | Frontiers Research Topic: “The Politics of Sport and the Climate Crisis”. Call ends June 30, 2023

    The goal of this research topic is to illuminate and further advance scientific understandings of these political debates (and others related to sport and the climate crisis). It seeks to unpack the geographical, cultural, sociological and/or organizational contexts in which these debates occur, the stakeholders involved, the issues at stake (money, prestige, control, brands, etc.) and the implications of these debates for moving sport closer to addressing the climate crisis.

    Call for Papers | “Leisure, sustainability and power”, Special Issue of Annals of Leisure Research | Call ends February 15, 2023

    The special issue invites contributions that may draw upon a full range of theoretical and methodological approaches, and with an empirical or conceptual focus. In addition to articles discussing familiar leisure activities such as tourism, sport, outdoor life, arts and culture, recreation and entertainment we are also interested in studies that open the field of leisure studies to new practices and activities. Empirical and conceptual papers are invited.
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