Kinesiology Review, Volume 6, 2017, Issue 4


Advantages and Challenges of Partnerships and Relationships: Some Reflections
Thomas J. Templin

Scholarly Article

Moving Forward: Academia, Industry, and Partnerships
David D. Pascoe and Timothy E. Moore

Interdisciplinary Research Centers: A Pathway for Solving Complex Problems
JoEllen M. Sefton and Kenneth A. Games

Lessons Learned About Outreach and Engagement at the Michigan State University Institute for the Study of Youth Sports
Daniel Gould

Community Engagement Through Sport: University Partnerships to Promote Youth Development
Michael A. Hemphill and Tom Martinek

Developing Leadership Skills and a Commitment to Civic Engagement During an Undergraduate Community-Based Service Learning Class
Kim C. Graber, Wojtek Chodzko-Zajko, Jamie A. O’Connor, and Jenny M. Linker

Utilization of Collaborations to Engage Children in Physical Activity: A Community-Based Research Approach
Sheri J. Brock, Danielle Wadsworth, Shelby Foote, and Mary E. Rudisill

A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Establishing a Community Wellness Program
Royal E. Wohl, Park Lockwood, and Kathy Ure

Campus-Community Partnerships in Health and Wellness
Ralph Wood, Edward Hebert, Chris Wirth, Ali Venezia, Shelly Welch, and Ann Carruth

3 WINS Fitness—Student-Delivered Free and Sustainable Exercise Programming in Public Parks:A Scalable Public Health Solution
Steven Loy

A Framework for Addressing Mental Health Issues on Campus Through the Implementation of Coursework, Outreach, and Partnership Building
Danielle D. Wadsworth, Reita Clanton, Ford Dyke, Sheri J. Brock, and Mary E. Rudisill

Creating Interinstitutional Collaboration to Enhance Student Learning Outcomes and Potential Kinesiology Professionalization
Lara M. Duke and Cindy K. Piletic

Improving Student Learning and Professional Preparation in Health Promotion Utilizing Partnerships
Jeremy T. Barnes and Thomas J. Pujol

Sustained Engagement Experiences in Kinesiology: An Engaged Department Initiative
Brian D. Clocksin and Margo B. Greicar

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion: Developing Partnerships Between Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Predominantly White Institutions
Sarah Price, Richard H. Williams, Christopher Wilburn, Portia Williams, Danielle Wadsworth, Wendi Weimar, Jared Russell, and Mary E. Rudisill

An Interdisciplinary Approach to a Well-Rounded Campus Healthcare Delivery System
Shari D. Bartz-Smith and Amy Campbell

An Educational Relationship Between an Athletic Training Program and an Elementary School
Dani M. Moffit, Jamie L. Mansell, and Anne C. Russ

Establishing Partnerships for Effective Academic Programs
Joanna L. Morrissey, Joseph A. Beckett, Ross Sherman, and Lisa J. Leininger

Sexual Harassment and Internships: How Do We Protect Our Students and Program?
Anne C. Russ, Dani M. Moffit, and Jamie L. Mansell

Internship Management, Placement, and On-Site Visits in Kinesiology
Edward Hebert, Ralph Wood, Jayne M. Jenkins, and Charles E. Robison

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