Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance, Volume 89, 2018, Issue 5

Departments: Case Study

Elective PE Classes Draw a Capacity Crowd in NM
Pages: 3-4

Departments: Editorial

Grading in Physical Education
Alisa R. James
Pages: 5-7

Departments: Viewpoint

What Kinesiology Can Learn from Music
Tyler G. Johnson & Gregg Twietmeyer
Pages: 8-10


Comprehensive School Physical Activity Programs: Recommendations for Physical Education Teacher Education
Xiaoxia Zhang, Xiangli Gu, Tao Zhang, Jean Keller & Senlin Chen
Pages: 11-18

Developing HALM Teaching Competencies in PETE Teacher Candidates
Carol Wilkinson, Keven Prusak & Maria Zanandrea
Pages: 19-29

The Learning Connection: The Role of Movement-skill Learning in Teaching Developmental Games
Frances E. Cleland Donnelly & Suzanne S. Mueller
Pages: 30-36

Using Portfolios in a Responsibility-based Youth Development Program for Establishing Routines, Assessment and Data Collection
John M. McCarthy, Fritz I. Ettl Rodríguez & Val C. Altieri Jr.
Pages: 37-47

Evidence-based Strategies for Socially, Emotionally and Physically Beneficial School Recess
William V. Massey, Megan B. Stellino, Jennette Claassen, Samantha Dykstra & Andrea Henning
Pages: 48-52

Strategies for Teaching the Process Orientation in Sport and Education Domains
Deborah Osteen-Munch
Pages: 53-57

Homework in Physical Education? A Review of Physical Education Homework Literature
Kory Hill
Pages: 58-63

Departments: The Law and You: Recent Rulings from the Courts Affecting HPERD Professionals

Post-game Prayer Conflicts with First Amendment Rights
Editor: Thomas H. Sawyer
Tonya L. Sawyer
Pages: 64-66

Departments: Teaching Tips

Addressing Dietary Habits with Elementary School Students in Physical Education Class
Editor: Ferman Konukman
Michael S. Mucedola
Pages: 67-69

Departments: Research into Practice

Does movement integration into classroom lessons work? And are teachers receptive?
Editor: Kirk E. Mathias
Willie Leung, Jaehun Jung, Seokheon Kang & Bradley J. Cardinal
Pages: 70-71

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