Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, Volume 26, 2018, No. 3

Protective Role of Recent and Past Long-Term Physical Activity on Age-Related Cognitive Decline: The Moderating Effect of Sex
Iréné Lopez-Fontana, Carole Castanier, Christine Le Scanff, and Alexandra Perrot

Sport for Adults Aged 50+ Years: Participation Benefits and Barriers
Claire R. Jenkin, Rochelle M. Eime, Hans Westerbeek, and Jannique G.Z. van Uffelen

Promoting Physical Activity Using the Internet: Is It Feasible and Acceptable for Patients With Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Bronchiectasis?
Athina Liacos, Angela T. Burge, Narelle S. Cox, and Anne E. Holland

Gait Coordination Deteriorates in Independent Old-Old Adults
Yoav Gimmon, Hisham Rashad, Ilan Kurz, Meir Plotnik, Raziel Riemer, Ronen Debi, Amir Shapiro, and Itshak Melzer

One-Year Adherence to the Otago Exercise Program With or Without Motivational Interviewing in Community-Dwelling Older Adults
Marina Arkkukangas, Anne Söderlund, Staffan Eriksson, and Ann-Christin Johansson

Physical Activity Among Foreign-Born Older Adults in Canada: A Mixed-Method Study Conducted in Five Languages
Catherine E. Tong, Joanie Sims Gould, and Heather A. McKay

Effectiveness of Multimodal Training on Functional Capacity in Frail Older People: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials
Pedro Lopez, Mikel Izquierdo, Regis Radaelli, Graciele Sbruzzi, Rafael Grazioli, Ronei Silveira Pinto, and Eduardo Lusa Cadore

Understanding Physical Activity Motivation and Behavior Through Self-Determination and Servant Leadership Theories in a Feasibility Study
Samantha M. Gray, Joan Wharf Higgins, and Ryan E. Rhodes

Walking as a Mediator of the Relationship of Social Support With Vitality and Psychological Distress in Older Adults
Susana Carrapatoso, Greet Cardon, Delfien Van Dyck, Joana Carvalho, and Freja Gheysen

Physical Function and Health-Related Quality of Life in Overweight and Obese Rural Women Who Meet Physical Activity Recommendations
Patricia A. Hageman, Carol H. Pullen, and Michael Yoerger

The Association of Sitting Time With Sarcopenia Status and Physical Performance at Baseline and 18-Month Follow-Up in the Residential Aged Care Setting
Natasha Reid, Justin W. Keogh, Paul Swinton, Paul A. Gardiner, and Timothy R. Henwood

Systemic IL-6 and Myoglobin Response to Three Different Resistance Exercise Intensities in Older Men
Stephen M. Cornish, Jeremie E. Chase, Eric M. Bugera, and Gordon G. Giesbrecht

Relationship Between Muscle Strength Asymmetry and Body Sway in Older Adults
Hitoshi Koda, Yoshihiro Kai, Shin Murata, Hironori Osugi, Kunihiko Anami, Takahiko Fukumoto, and Hidetaka Imagita

Text Messages Promoting Mental Imagery Increase Self-Reported Physical Activity in Older Adults: A Randomized Controlled Study
Nicolas Robin, Lucette Toussaint, Guillaume R. Coudevylle, Shelly Ruart, Olivier Hue, and Stephane Sinnapah

Comparing Class-Based and Home-Based Exercise for Older Adults With Chronic Health Conditions: 12-Month Follow-Up of a Randomized Clinical Trial
Koren L. Fisher, Bruce A. Reeder, Elizabeth L. Harrison, Brenda G. Bruner, Nigel L. Ashworth, Punam Pahwa, Nazmi Sari, M. Suzanne Sheppard, Christopher A. Shields, and Karen E. Chad

The Longitudinal Association Between Age Identity and Physical Functioning Among Urban Chinese Older Adults
Kun Liang

A Typology of Factors Influencing Seniors’ Participation in Strength Training in Gyms and Fitness Centers
Simone Pettigrew, Elissa Burton, Kaela Farrier, Anne-Marie Hill, Liz Bainbridge, Gill Lewin, Phil Airey, and Keith Hill

Factors Associated With the Setting of Health-Related Goals Among Community-Dwelling Older People
Juliana S. Oliveira, Leanne Hassett, Catherine Sherrington, Elisabeth Ramsay, Catherine Kirkham, Shona Manning, and Anne Tiedemann

Conflating Time and Energy: Views From Older Adults in Lower Socioeconomic Status Areas on Physical Activity
Angela Devereux-Fitzgerald, Rachael Powell, and David P. French

Associations Between Bicycling and Reduced Fall-Related Physical Performance in Older Adults
Stephen Harvey, Chris Rissel, and Mirjam Pijnappels

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