Journal of Physical Activity and Health, Volume 15, 2018, Issue 4


Energy Cost of Common Physical Activities in Preschoolers
Mirko Brandes, Berit Steenbock, and Norman Wirsik

Investigating Children’s Short-Term Responses to Imposed or Restricted Physical Activity
Nicola D. Ridgers, Karen E. Lamb, Anna Timperio, Helen Brown, and Jo Salmon

Self-Reported Participation in Sport/Exercise Among Adolescents and Young Adults With and Without Mild to Moderate Intellectual Disability
Janet Robertson, Eric Emerson, Susannah Baines, and Chris Hatton

Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviors Levels of Kuwaiti Adolescents: The Study of Health and Activity Among Adolescents in Kuwait
Rawan Hashem, Juan P. Rey-López, Mark Hamer, Anne McMunn, Peter H. Whincup, Christopher G. Owen, Alex Rowlands, and Emmanuel Stamatakis

Factor Structure of Responses to the Portuguese Version of Questions About Screen Time–Based Sedentary Behavior Among Adolescents
Diego Augusto Santos Silva, Katie E. Gunnell, and Mark Stephen Tremblay

The Relationship Between the Stanford Leisure-Time Activity Categorical Item and the Godin Leisure-Time Exercise Questionnaire Among Rural Intervention Participants of Varying Health Literacy Status
Natalie Kružliaková, Paul A. Estabrooks, Wen You, Valisa Hedrick, Kathleen Porter, Michaela Kiernan, and Jamie Zoellner

Multiple Short Bouts of Walking Activity Attenuate Glucose Response in Obese Women
Mynor Rodriguez-Hernandez, Jeffrey S. Martin, David D. Pascoe, Michael D. Roberts, and Danielle W. Wadsworth

Physical Activity Barriers and Facilitators Among US Pacific Islanders and the Feasibility of Using Mobile Technologies for Intervention: A Focus Group Study With Tongan Americans
Neng Wan, Ming Wen, Jessie X. Fan, O. Fahina Tavake-Pasi, Sara McCormick, Kirsten Elliott, and Emily Nicolosi

Effects of Psychological Inoculation Versus Health Education on Physical Activity: Two Randomized Controlled Studies
Hannah Dorling, Jieg Blervacq, and Yori Gidron


Physical Environment Correlates of Physical Activity in Developing Countries: A Review
Kristen Day

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