Sport Management Education Journal, Volume 12, 2018, Issue 1


Getting to Know Our Students: A Snapshot of Sport Management Students’ Demographics and Career Expectations in the United States
Christopher R. Barnhill, W. Andrew Czekanski, and Adam G. Pfleegor

Sales Training in Career Preparation: An Examination of Sales Curricula in Sport Management Education
Megan B. Shreffler, Samuel H. Schmidt, and James Weiner

Student Satisfaction and Perceived Learning in Sport Management Internships
Molly Hayes Sauder and Michael Mudrick

Pedagogical Innovations—Educational Research Reviews

Servant Leadership in Sport: A Review, Synthesis, and Applications for Sport Management Classrooms
G. Matthew Robinson, Mitchell J. Neubert, and Glenn Miller

Pedagogical Innovations—Essays, Dialogues, and Interviews

Leading With Vision and Values: An Interview With Richard Peddie, Former President and CEO of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment
Frederik Ehlen, Jess C. Dixon, and Todd M. Loughead

Book Review

Sport in Latin America
James J. Zhang

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