Journal of Physical Activity and Health, Volume 15, 2018, Issue 12


Active Design Strategies and the Evolution of the WELL Building Standard™
Nicole Alfonsin, Vienna McLeod, Angela Loder, and Loretta DiPietro


What “Moves” the Populations Most Likely to Be Physically Inactive—Women and Older Adults? Evidence From Mueller, a Mixed-Use Neighborhood in Austin, Texas
Tamara Vehige Calise, William DeJong, Timothy Heren, Chloe Wingerter, and Harold W. Kohl

Television Watching as Sedentary Behavior and Atrial Fibrillation: The Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study
Yasuhiko Kubota, Alvaro Alonso, Amil M. Shah, Lin Y. Chen, and Aaron R. Folsom

Daily Physical Activity by Occupational Classification in US Adults: NHANES 2005–2006
Jeremy A. Steeves, Catrine Tudor-Locke, Rachel A. Murphy, George A. King, Eugene C. Fitzhugh, David R. Bassett, Dane Van Domelen, John M. Schuna, and Tamara B. Harris

Adolescent Weight and Health Behaviors and Their Associations With Individual, Social, and Parental Factors
Kayla M. Baker, Sean Healy, David J. Rice, and Jeanette M. Garcia

Bidirectional Associations Between Adiposity, Sedentary Behavior, and Physical Activity: A Longitudinal Study in Children
Chiaki Tanaka, Xanne Janssen, Mark Pearce, Kathryn Parkinson, Laura Basterfield, Ashley Adamson, and John J. Reilly

Effectiveness of Secondary School Conceptual Physical Education: A 20-Year Longitudinal Study
Pamela H. Kulinna, Charles B. Corbin, and Hyeonho Yu

Association Between Sitting, Screen Time, Fitness Domains, and Fundamental Motor Skills in Children Aged 5–16 Years: Cross-Sectional Population Study
Louise L. Hardy, Ding Ding, Louisa R. Peralta, Seema Mihrshahi, and Dafna Merom


Are We Overestimating Physical Activity Prevalence in Children?
Lisa Price, Katrina Wyatt, Jenny Lloyd, Charles Abraham, Siobhan Creanor, Sarah Dean, and Melvyn Hillsdon

Moderating Effects of Depression, Food Cravings, and Weight-Related Quality-of-Life on Associations of Treatment-Targeted Psychosocial Changes and Physical Activity in Adolescent Candidates for Bariatric Surgery
James Annesi


Interventions for Promoting Physical Activity Among Individuals With Spinal Cord Injury: A Systematic Review
Levy Silva Rezende, Markus Brendon Lima, and Emanuel Péricles Salvador

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