International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, Volume 13, 2018, No. 10


Dealing With Conflicts of Interest
Aaron J. Coutts

The Effect of Training Loads on Performance Measures and Injury Characteristics in Rugby League Players: A Systematic Review
Mark Booth, Rhonda Orr, and Stephen Cobley


Monitoring Players’ Readiness Using Predicted Heart-Rate Responses to Soccer Drills
Mathieu Lacome, Ben Simpson, Nick Broad, and Martin Buchheit

Heat Acclimation by Postexercise Hot-Water Immersion: Reduction of Thermal Strain During Morning and Afternoon Exercise-Heat Stress After Morning Hot-Water Immersion
Michael J. Zurawlew, Jessica A. Mee, and Neil P. Walsh

Training, Performance, and Physiological Predictors of a Successful Elite Senior Career in Junior Competitive Road Cyclists
Ida S. Svendsen, Espen Tønnesen, Leif Inge Tjelta, and Stein Ørn

Is the Functional Threshold Power a Valid Surrogate of the Lactate Threshold?
Pedro L. Valenzuela, Javier S. Morales, Carl Foster, Alejandro Lucia, and Pedro de la Villa

Muscle Oxygenation Rather Than VO2max as a Strong Predictor of Performance in Sprint Canoe–Kayak
Myriam Paquette, François Bieuzen, and François Billaut

Time-Trial Performance in Elite Speed Skaters After Remote Ischemic Preconditioning
Philippe Richard and François Billaut

Time-Trial Performance in World-Class Speed Skaters After Chronic Nitrate Ingestion
Philippe Richard, Lymperis P. Koziris, Mathieu Charbonneau, Catherine Naulleau, Jonathan Tremblay, and François Billaut

Effect of Prior Fatiguing Sport-Specific Exercise on Field Hockey Passing Ability
Enzo Hollville, Vincent Le Croller, Yoshihiro Hirasawa, Rémi Husson, Giuseppe Rabita, and Franck Brocherie

The Physical Characteristics of Specific Phases of Play During Rugby Union Match Play
Dale B. Read, Ben Jones, Sean Williams, Padraic J. Phibbs, Josh D. Darrall-Jones, Greg A.B. Roe, Jonathon J.S. Weakley, Andrew Rock, and Kevin Till

Short-Term Effects of Rolling Massage on Energy Cost of Running and Power of the Lower Limbs
Nicola Giovanelli, Filippo Vaccari, Mirco Floreani, Enrico Rejc, Jasmine Copetti, Marco Garra, Lea Biasutti, and Stefano Lazzer

Elite Male and Female 800-m Runners’ Display of Different Pacing Strategies During Season-Best Performances
Luca Filipas, Emiliano Nerli Ballati, Matteo Bonato, Antonio La Torre, and Maria Francesca Piacentini

3×3 Basketball: Performance Characteristics and Changes During Elite Tournament Competition
Paul G. Montgomery and Brendan D. Maloney

Eliciting Higher Maximal and Submaximal Cardiorespiratory Responses During a New Taekwondo-Specific Aerobic Test
Matheus Hausen, Pedro Paulo Soares, Marcus Paulo Araujo, Débora Esteves, Hilbert Julio, Roberto Tauil, Marcus Junca, Flávia Porto, Emerson Franchini, Craig Alan Bridge, and Jonas Gurgel

Dose–Response Relationship Between Training Load and Changes in Aerobic Fitness in Professional Youth Soccer Players
John F. Fitzpatrick, Kirsty M. Hicks, and Philip R. Hayes

Effects of Rapid Weight Loss on Balance and Reaction Time in Elite Judo Athletes
Jose Morales, Carla Ubasart, Mónica Solana-Tramunt, Israel Villarrasa-Sapiña, Luis-Millán González, David Fukuda, and Emerson Franchini

Effects of Athlete-Dependent Traits on Joint and System Countermovement-Jump Power
Kym J. Williams, Dale W. Chapman, Elissa J. Phillips, and Nick Ball

Fortune Favors the Brave: Tactical Behaviors in the Middle-Distance Running Events at the 2017 IAAF World Championships
Arturo Casado and Andrew Renfree

Improvement of Flutter-Kick Performance in Novice Surface Combat Swimmers With Increased Hip Strength
Anne Z. Beethe, Elizabeth F. Nagle, Mita Lovalekar, Takashi Nagai, Bradley C. Nindl, and Christopher Connaboy


Error-Correction Processing in Timing Lights for Measuring Sprint Performance: Does It Work?
Stefan Altmann, Steffen Ringhof, Benedikt Becker, Alexander Woll, and Rainer Neumann

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