Journal of Physical Activity and Health Volume 14, 2017, Issue 1


Park Prescription (DC Park Rx): A New Strategy to Combat Chronic Disease in Children
Robert Zarr, Linda Cottrell, and Chaya Merrill

Original Research

Physical Activity in an Underserved Population: Identifying Technology Preferences
Robert Medairos, Vicky Kang, Carissa Aboubakare, Matthew Kramer, and Sheila Ann Dugan

How Does Definition of Minimum Break Length Affect Objective Measures of Sitting Outcomes Among Office Workers?
Stine Kloster, Ida Høgstedt Danquah, Andreas Holtermann, Mette Aadahl, and Janne Schurmann Tolstrup

Incident Type 2 Diabetes in a Large Australian Cohort Study: Does Physical Activity or Sitting Time Alter the Risk Associated With Body Mass Index?
Binh Nguyen, Adrian Bauman, and Ding Ding

Physical Activity in Older Adults in Relation to Place of Residence and Coexistent Chronic Diseases
Joanna Kostka, Tomasz Kostka, and Ewa Borowiak

Effects of Distant Green Space on Physical Activity in Sydney, Australia
Shanley Chong, Roy Byun, Soumya Mazumdar, Adrian Bauman, and Bin Jalaludin

Walking and the Perception of Neighborhood Attributes Among U.S. Adults—2012
Prabasaj Paul, Susan A. Carlson, and Janet E. Fulton

Association of Different Physical Activity Domains on All-Cause Mortality in Adults Participating in Primary Care in the Brazilian National Health System: 4-Year Follow-up
Bruna C. Turi, Jamile S. Codogno, Romulo A. Fernandes, Xuemei Sui, Carl J. Lavie, Steven N. Blair, and Henrique L. Monteiro

The Association Between Sedentary Behavior and Cognitive Function Among Older Adults May Be Attenuated With Adequate Physical Activity
Meghan K. Edwards and Paul D. Loprinzi

How Much Walking Should be Advocated for Good Health in Adolescent Girls?
Mhairi MacDonald, Samantha G. Fawkner, and Ailsa Niven

Vicinity of Schools, But Not of Residences, Seems to Regulate Physical and Sports Activities of 13-Year-Old Teenagers in a South European Setting
Alexandre Magalhães, Elisabete Ramos, and Maria Fátima Pina

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