Polish Journal of Sport and Tourism, Volume 23, Issue 3

Effect of two Backpack Designs on Cop Displacement and Plantar Force Distribution in Children during Upright Stance
Mastalerz, Andrzej / Niźnikowski, Tomasz / Buszta, Mariusz / Różański, Paweł / Wiśniowski, Paweł / Sadowski, Jerzy
Page 123

Relationship between Muscle Torque and Performance in Special and Specific Exercises in Young Weightlifters
Szyszka, Paulina / Jaszczuk, Janusz / Sacharuk, Jarosław / Parnicki, Florian / Czaplicki, Adam
Page 127

Effect of Folk Dance Training on Blood Oxidative Stress Level, Lipids, and Lipoproteins
Okdan, Bora / Nalcakan, Gulbin Rudarli / Onur, Ece / Oran, Arzu / Nalcakan, Mesut
Page 133

An Evaluation of the Usefulness of Stroke Index Values in the Swimming Training of People with Disabilities
Seidel, Wojciech / Klarowicz, Andrzej / Rejman, Marek / Szczepan, Stefan
Page 140

The Effects of a Running Consistency Programme on Footfall Variability and Performance in the Long Jump
Starzak, Marcin / Makaruk, Hubert / Starzak, Anna
Page 145

Physical Activity and Compensation of Body Posture Disorders in Children Aged Seven
Hricková, Katarína / Junger, Ján
Page 153

Quantitative and Qualitative Criteria for Assessing Endurance in Women over 60 Years of Age – Findings from a Pilot Study
Kortas, Jakub / Prusik, Katarzyna / Bielawa, Łukasz / Wiech, Monika / Ossowski, Zbigniew / Konieczna, Seweryna / Prusik, Krzysztof
Page 161

Use of Mobile Fitness-Related Applications and Active Video Games in High-School Youth
Sas-Nowosielski, Krzysztof / Szopa, Sylwia / Kowalczyk, Agnieszka
Page 167

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