International Journal of Sports Marketing & Sponsorship, Vol 19, 2018, No 4

Twitter and Olympics
Bo Li, Olan K.M. Scott, and Stephen W. Dittmore

Female users of unisex fitness centres and of fitness centres exclusive for women: satisfaction
Mónica Haro-González, Raquel Pérez-Ordás, Alberto Grao-Cruces, Román Nuviala, and Alberto Nuviala

Investigating social media consumption, sports enthusiasm, and gender on sponsorship outcomes in the context of Rio Olympics
Sunil Hazari

Influence of multiple endorser-product patterns on purchase intention
Huai-Liang Liang and Ping-I Lin

Gradual vs entire sponsorship termination
Christopher Dick

Sports brand positioning
J. Lucy Lee, Yukyoum Kim, and June Won

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