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According to this reproduction on papyrus roll, which is a duplicate of another Egyptian bas-relief, ancient Egyptians practiced massage techniques, in this case even reflexology. The Egyptians also used hot water baths and baths with flowers and oils to relieve painful conditions.

We would like to introduce a new website: is a website on sports medicine that was constructed after many years of personal research on the history of sports medicine.

The history of sports medicine started in 4,000BC in ancient China. investigates how these first carefull steps using massages, baths and respiratory exercises, evolved over time.

From ancient Egypt, to ancient Greece and Rome, physicians were trying to understand the human body and related their findings to sports and exercise. Ancient physicians from Greece and later from Arabia already understood that sports and exercise can be a treatment for many ailments.

The evolution of medical tests, technology and development of sports-medical devices and tools is discussed chronologically at length, right up to the high-tech sports medicine we currently have at our disposal.

A special section discusses the history of doping in sports. The website describes how doping is not a new phenomenon but is as old as competitive sports itself. The evolution of performance enhancing substances from plant extracts in ancient China in 5,000 BC, over ancient Greece’s Olympic Games is described to lead up to notable doping cases in more recent times, like the East-German doping scandals that came to light after the fall of the Berlin wall and the Festina affair in the 1998 Tour de France.

The ingenuity of the doping cheaters does not stop to baffle, but also makes one chuckle, like the case of the male Argentinean football player that delivered a negative doping test, but – according to the same urine sample – was apparently pregnant.

Reading the detailed report on all of these doping cases, one can’t help but wonder how it is possible that so many athletes still risk life and limb in order to obtain glory and why so many athletes are caught only years after the start of their abuse.

A related topic treats the many cases of sudden death in both professional and amateur athletes (the list is long!).

The many physicians that excelled as athletes in many different sports events get a special mention in a separate topic.

Another section is dedicated to interesting publications in the field of sports-medicine and there is also one for personal anecdotes that are related to the authors personal experiences.

Medicosport is written and maintained by a former organizer of sports medical congresses who has been active in the sports-medical industry for more than 40 years.

New contributions appear every month.


Freddy Reyskens
Tel.: +32-477-34.84.94

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