European Physical Education Review, Vol. 23, 2017, No. 4

The meaning of physical education and sport among elite athletes with visual impairments
Justin A Haegele, Xihe Zhu, and Summer Davis

(Reinforcing) factors influencing a physical education teacher’s use of the direct instruction model teaching games
Kumar Jayantilal and Nick O’Leary

Effectiveness of a brief intervention using process-based mental simulations in promoting muscular strength in physical education
Andre Koka

Influence of a training programme on a preservice teacher’s ability to promote moral and sporting behaviour in sport education
Benjamin Schwamberger and Matthew Curtner-Smith

Improving students’ predisposition towards physical education by optimizing their motivational processes in an acrosport unit
Ángel Abós, Javier Sevil, José Antonio Julián, Alberto Abarca-Sos, and Luis García-González

Motivational climate, 2×2 achievement goal orientation and dominance, self-regulation, and physical activity in pre-service teacher education
José-Antonio Cecchini-Estrada and Antonio Méndez-Giménez

Contesting discourses about physical education
Annemari Munk Svendsen and Jesper Tinggaard Svendsen

‘No one wants to be taught from a textbook!’
Rebecca Olson, Penelope Laidlaw, and Kylie Steel

Adolescent girls’ physical activity, fitness and psychological well-being during a health club physical education approach
Jeff McNamee, Gay L Timken, Sarah C Coste, Tanya L Tompkins, and Janet Peterson

Relative age effects on motor performance of seventh-grade pupils
Aleksandar Gadžić, Aleksandar Milojević, Veroljub Stanković, and Igor Vučković

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