Call for Papers | Philosophy at Play | 11–12 April 2017, University of Gloucestershire


Following three successful Philosophy at Play conferences, we are pleased to announce the fourth biennial conference to be held at University of Gloucestershire, UK on 11 and 12 April 2017.

The three previous conferences and ensuing publications have opened up dialogue and paradigmatic bridge building between scholars of play and philosophers. The conferences have given rise to an emerging community of very diverse scholars interested in a wide range of philosophical areas of enquiry (for example, metaphysics, ontology, aesthetics and ethics) and fields of practice (such as the arts, games and gaming, sport and children’s play). This conference hopes to continue this epistemological and paradigmatic bridge-building. We therefore seek proposals for papers to be presented at the conference. There is no set theme for the conference and the Academic Committee will consider all proposals. In the past, the range has been wide and we seek to continue this. We would particularly encourage proposals that engage with non-western philosophy. Other topics may include:

  • Play in the work of particular philosophers ancient, modern and contemporary
  • Play, the arts and aesthetic practice
  • Play and gaming
  • Play and sport
  • Ontologies of play
  • Play and politics
  • Philosophy and playwork
  • Play and pleasure
  • Infant, childhood, adolescent, adult and senescent playing
  • Animal play
  • Play and spirituality
  • The world at play and the play of things: posthuman perspectives and materialism

Proposals should be submitted to by Friday 28 October 2016 and should be approximately 400 words in English. The conference language will be English. The Academic Committee will review proposals during November and aims to advise of acceptance or otherwise at the beginning of December. Those presenting papers will be eligible for the early bird conference fee.

Further details of the conference will be provided at a later date, https: // /groups/philosophyatplay/

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