The Sport Psychologist, Volume 30, 2016, Issue 3

tsp-dsApplied Research

Assessment of Performance-Related Experiences: An Individualized Approach
Montse C. Ruiz, Yuri Hanin, and Claudio Robazza

The Effects of Perfectionism in Elite Sport: Experiences of Unhealthy Perfectionists
Paul A. Sellars, Lynne Evans, and Owen Thomas

Building Mental Toughness: Perceptions of Sport Psychologists
Robert Weinberg, Valeria Freysinger, Kathleen Mellano, and Elizabeth Brookhouse

Ultramarathon Runners’ Perceptions of Mental Toughness: A Qualitative Inquiry
Anna-Marie C. Jaeschke, Michael L. Sachs, and Kristen D. Dieffenbach

An Investigation of Attentional Foci and their Temporal Patterns: A Naturalistic Study in Expert Figure Skaters
Marjorie Bernier, Christiane Trottier, Emilie Thienot, and Jean Fournier

How to Classify Who Experienced Flow from Who Did Not Based on the Flow State Scale-2 Scores: A Pilot Study of Latent Class Factor Analysis
Masato Kawabata and Rachel Evans

Professional Practice

The Use of Counseling Principles and Skills to Develop Practitioner-Athlete Relationships by Practitioners Who Provide Sport Psychology Support
Fran Longstaff and Misia Gervis

Coping With the Demands of Professional Practice: Sport Psychology Consultants’ Perspectives
Brendan Cropley, Lee Baldock, Stephen D. Mellalieu, Rich Neil, Christopher Robert David Wagstaff, and Ross Wadey

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