Call for Papers | “Evidence-Based Sport Social Work Practice”, Special Issue of Sport Social Work Journal | Call ends December 31, 2023. Read all about it!

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Conceptual arguments for and descriptive research exploring sport social work continues to evolve, particularly within the last decade. Due to these advocacy efforts, sport social work has become acknowledged throughout the social work profession and within a variety of sport systems (e.g., community recreation, high school athletics, collegiate athletics, professional sport, etc.).

However, empirical research of social work interventions and practices within sport remains sparce. This special issue of the Sport Social Work Journal seeks submissions of rigorous quantitative, qualitative, and multi-/mixed-methods research—as well as critical reviews (e.g., systematic reviews, scoping reviews)—to further advance the body of empirical sport social work research. Research in this area may include topics such as:

      • Evidence-informed biopsychosocial assessments with athletes
      • Evidence-based therapeutic treatment with athletes and teams
      • Mental health literacy interventions for athletes and coaches
      • Lifelong physical literacy with masters athletes
      • Community-based sport programs designed to promote the acquisition of life skills, socioemotional learning, or psychosocial development
      • Interdisciplinary, multisystem, and/or integrated models of care
      • Social justice education programs and initiatives
      • The impact of policy changes on sport stakeholders

Dr. Lauren Beasley (Georgia State University) and Dr. Tarkington J. Newman (University of New Hampshire) will serve as the guest co-editors for this special issue of the Sport Social Work Journal. If you are unsure of the applicability of your research for this special issue or have any questions regarding this special issue, please email both Dr. Beasley ( and Dr. Newman ( In addition to seeking rigorous empirical research, this special issue also wishes to procure expert peer-reviewers. Anyone interested in serving as an expert reviewer for this special issue should submit a formal request to Dr. Matt Moore (

The guest co-editors will review abstracts on an ongoing basis. Manuscript files (Microsoft word.docx format only) must be submitted electronically between July 1, 2023 and December 31, 2023 through the journal submission portal. The submission must not be simultaneously submitted for publication and/or published elsewhere. Manuscripts must conform to the American Psychological Association 7th Edition guidelines. Additionally, an abstract of approximately150-200 words must be provided. Each manuscript must be typewritten, double- spaced throughout, use “Times NewRoman” font (size 12), and utilize one-inch margins on the top, bottom, and sides. Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce copyrighted information and materials.

Manuscripts submitted that correctly follow the submission guidelines are initially reviewed at the editorial level. Submissions found to be outside the scope of the Sport Social Work Journal, incomplete or incorrectly formatted per Sport Social Work Journal submission guidelines and APA 7 standards, or not meeting standards of sufficient quality may be subject to desk rejection. Submissions meeting the criteria are reviewed by a minimum of two reviewers via blind review procedures, as well as both guest editors. The Sport Social Work Journal strives to return submissions to authors within 60 days of submission. To learn more about the review process and guidelines for the various submission types please visit

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