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    Call for Papers | “Diversity and Inclusion in Sport Management Education”, Special Issue of Sport Management Education Journal. Call ends December 1, 2020

    Sport scholars have consistently advocated for more diverse and inclusive sport organizations, but identity-related inequities and injustices continue to prevail in sport organizations and sport management classrooms as well. Hence, in addition to calls for more diversity, it is important to advocate for inclusion and social justice efforts. Cunningham (2014) argued that all sport management academicians have “a stake in ensuring sport is inclusive and socially just”.

    Vacancy | PhD Research Fellow in sports, gender and sustainability @ University of South-Eastern Norway | Apply before October 1, 2020

    In this particular project, we seek to advance understandings of gender, sustainability and the organization of sport nationally, as well as internationally. More specifically, this project seeks to understand the workings of gender in the context of selected sport organizations, programs and/or initiatives in order to advance insights and possibly sport policies aimed at making sport more sustainable.

    Call for Papers | “Sport, Development, and Peace”, Special Issue of Peace Review: A Journal of Social Justice | Call ends August 15, 2020

    This special issue of Peace Review seeks to investigate the current social, cultural, political, and scholarly discourse around sports, development, and peace in a global context. How has sport been deployed as a tool for strengthening social ties and networks, for promoting ideals of peace, fraternity, solidarity, non-violence, tolerance, and justice? How is sport an “instrument” for peace? How does sport contribute to development?

    Call for Abstracts | Contemporary Perspectives on Athlete Activism (Routledge) | Call ends March 16, 2020

    This edited collection aims to provide a comprehensive multidisciplinary overview of athlete activism. While athletes as ‘activists’ – broadly defined – is not necessarily a new area of study, it has commanded a significant range of both scholarly and media attention in recent years. High-profile figures from across elite sport have lent their voices in an attempt to influence a variety of social, political, ethical and/or environmental issues.

    Call for Abstracts | Social Justice through Sport and Exercise Psychology | University of Tennessee, Knoxville, March 28, 2020. Call ends January 24, 2020

    A main purpose of this symposium is to bring together people passionate about these issues so that we can share our work as well as support and encourage each other. The symposium structure will encourage interaction and dialogue so that we may discuss professional issues as well as our research and practice. Although the focus is on sport and exercise psychology, we welcome submissions from scholars and practitioners from related disciplines.

    Call for Papers | ”Idrett og ulikhet” | Temanummer av Tidsskrift for kjønnsforskning. Deadline den 1 september 2019

    Ulikhet og ekskludering har vist seg å være en vedvarende problematikk i norsk og internasjonal idrett. Idretten har stor symbolsk makt i dagens samfunn og har derfor stor betydning for våre forestillinger om kjønn og likestilling. I dette temanummeret av Tidsskrift for kjønnsforskning retter vi oppmerksomheten mot idrett og ulikhet.

    Call for Papers | British Autoethnography Conference 2019 | Bristol, UK, July 22–23 2019. Call ends June 1, 2019

    The 2019 British Autoethnography conference provides an inter-disciplinary space to explore different ways we come to know, understand and communicate. We hope novice and neophyte researchers will be supported to develop their practice alongside more experienced practitioners and we hope each of us is able to inspire, challenge, nurture each other while witnessing and responding to our presentations and performances. 

    Call for Papers | “Sport Communication and Social Justice” | Special Issue of Communication & Sport. Call ends October 1, 2019

    Marginality is not simply “a site of deprivation” but instead, it can also be “the site of radical possibility”. Within a contemporary moment dominated by a highly commodified and corporatized media sport landscape, marginality can itself be re-fashioned as a commodity, centered on “celebritized” marginal subjects that can be exploited by media organisations and global sporting corporations.

    Sport Scholar Profile | Jorid Hovden, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

    Jorid Hovden is a Norwegian researcher and professor of sociology at NTNU. She has studied gender and sports since the 1980s. She has repeatedly demonstrated how women are discriminated against and marginalized, both in key roles and in different sports. has been an active athlete, and was inter alia on the Norwegian national team in volleyball in the 1970s.

    Call for Papers | Sports communication and social justice | ICA 2019 pre-conference, Washington DC, May 24, 2019. Call ends January 11, 2019

    The rapidly evolving sport media industry and the changing face of mediated sport production continues to raise original critical questions in new emerging contexts. This one-day preconference pays attention to issues of sport, representation, power and social justice. Crossing disciplinary boundaries – the theme of the 2019 ICA conference – is encouraged in proposed papers.
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