Communication & Sport, Vol. 11, 2023, No. 1


Open Access
On Advancing to Decade Two: Editorial Insights on Submission Congruence, Review Quality, and an Eye Toward the Future
Andrew C. Billings and Marie Hardin

Research Articles

Sports Fanship Changes Across the Lifespan
Walter Gantz and Nicky Lewis

How Do You Categorize Yourself as a Sports Fan?: A New Scale of Sports Fan Social–Personal Identity Salience (FSPIS) and Its Consequences
Avichai Shuv-Ami and Anat Toder Alon

The Effect of Statistics on Enjoyment and Perceived Credibility in Sports Media Dustin Hahn

From Save The Crew to Saved The Crew: Constitutive Rhetoric, Myth, and Fan Opposition to Sports Team Relocation
Stephen P. Andon

The Tweet Heard Round the World: Daryl Morey, the NBA, China, and Attribution of Responsibility
Sitong Guo, Andrew C. Billings, Kenon A. Brown, and John Vincent

Side-by-Side Sports Reporters: A Between-Subjects Experiment of the Effect of Gender in Reporting on the NFL
Gayle Jansen Brisbane, Patrick Ferrucci, and Edson Tandoc

Audience Responses to Media Portrayals of Professional Athletes and Intimate Partner Violence
Nicky Lewis, Jennifer A. Scarduzio, Christina S. Walker, and Anthony M. Limperos

“Friday Night is their Super Bowl”: A Relational Investigation Regarding Occupational Stress Among American High School Football Officials
Brianna L. Avalos

(Shutterstock/ARENA Creative)

“Detrimental to the Team Dynamic”: Exploring College Student-Athlete Dissent Rikishi T. Rey and Zac D. Johnson

A Critical Discourse Analysis of Military-Related Remembrance Rhetoric in UK Sport: Communicating Consent for British Militarism
John Kelly

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