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    Call for Papers | “Sport Across the Lifespan and Globe” | 4th Annual Social Work in Sports Symposium, Orlando, Florida, November 5–7, 2018. Call ends April 20, 2018

    The overall theme of this year’s conference pertains to the role of sport in athlete and societal growth. The pursuit of this theme relates directly to the mission of ASWIS by promoting the practice, research, and policy skills of social workers and how to leverage these skills to promote the well-being of athletes of all ages and backgrounds.

    “The Role of Social Work Practice, Advocacy, and Research in College Athletics” | Special issue of Journal of Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics

    Many of the articles included in this special issue present strong evidence for athlete vulnerability. Included articles discuss mental health risks, patterns of disordered eating, substance and alcohol use, sexual assault and interpersonal violence, learning disabilities, criminal activity, stigmatization of behavioral health concerns, and sociocultural risks.

    Call for Papers | “The Role of Social Work Practice, Advocacy, and Research in Athletics” | 3rd Annual Social Work in Sports Symposium, October 17–18, Dallas, Texas. Call ends...

    Promoting the healthy development of athletes benefits the athlete, team, athletic program, and athletic organization as a whole. As advocates, clinicians, case managers, researchers, and agents of change, social workers are uniquely positioned to positively impact the lives of vulnerable athletes and their immediate environment.

    David Ekholm disputerar: Sport as a Means of Responding to Social Problems: Rationales of Government, Welfare and Social Change

    Fredagen den 30 september 2016, kl 10:15, lägger David Ekholm fram sin avhandling inför opponent, betygsnämnd och en intresserad allmänhet vid Linköpings universitet, i sal K1, Kåkenhus, Campus Norrköping. Opponent är Lennart Nygren, professor i socialt arbete från Umeå universitet.

    The National Association for Social Workers in Sports (NASWIS) 2nd Annual Symposium | “Mentally Healthy Athletes Are High Performing Students & Athletes”

    The overall theme of this year’s conference pertains to the mental health of professional and collegiate athletes and clinical responses from collegiate and professional sports organizations. While our focus is mental health, the symposium is open to all content at the juncture of social work & sports.

    Call for Papers | Social Work in Sports | October 15th 2015, Metropolitan State University, Denver, CO

    Social Work in Sports 2015: An Idea Whose Time Has Come will be a one-day symposium to discuss the role of social work in youth, high school, collegiate, amateur and professional sports.
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