Call for Papers | “Emerging Horizons: bridging the borders between Physical Education Research and Practice“, the 2023 AIESEP International Conference | Santiago de Chile, July 4–7, 2023. Call ends February 15, 2023

Conference venue: Campus Casa Central de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Emerging Horizons is a call for AIESEP members to share how our complex and interdisciplinary research is being taken up by all of those people who have a vested interest in physical education (PE), physical activity (PA), health, physical education teacher education (PETE) and sport pedagogy.

While each theme offers a distinct area of interest, we also see each theme offering an opportunity to explore the holistic nature of our work and invites all to consider how their presentations may fit within one or more themes.

Conference Themes

    • Teacher Preparation & Professional Development
    • Pedagogy, Curriculum & Assessment
    • Physical Activity, Health Promotion, Policy, & Education
    • Honouring Indigenous Knowledges and Decolonizing Research & Practice
    • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusio

Keynote Speakers

    • Elisa Adriana Araya Cortez, Universidad Metropolitana de Ciencias de la Educación
    • Brian Culp, Kennesaw State University
    • Mónica Suárez, Universidad de Santiago de Chile
    • Javier Fernández-Río, Universidad de Oviedo

Programme Structure

The Chile 2023 AIESEP in person program will consist of:
    • Keynotes (by invited speakers)
    • Coffee With Keynotes (a chance to speak with Keynote speakers)
    • Concurrent Scientific and Professional Paper Presentations
    • Poster presentations
    • Symposium
    • Thematic Discussion Rooms

The virtual program will include

    • Live streaming of keynote presentations
    • Pre recorded poster presentations
    • Pre recorded oral and pitch & promote presentations
    • Live Thematic Discussion Rooms (arranged by Time Zones)

Submission Types

    • Oral presentations
    • Poster presentations
    • Symposium
    • Pitch & Promote presentations

For further information, visit conference home page.

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