Call for Papers | ‘Cricket in a post-ICEC World: Where do we go from here?’ | CC4 Museum of Welsh Cricket, Sophia Gardens, Cardiff, February 23, 2024. Call ends December 1, 2023

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In June 2023, the report of the Independent Commission for Equity in Cricket (ICEC) found that structural and institutional racism, sexism and class-based discrimination continue to be widespread within English and Welsh cricket. The ICEC called on the England & Wales Cricket Board to enact a series of recommendations to bring about change.

Eight months on from the release of the ICEC’s report, this conference will examine the state of English and Welsh cricket in a post-ICEC world. How has the ECB responded? What still needs to change? And how can cricket writers, researchers and supporters come together to make that change possible?

The conference is being organised by the Cricket Research Network (see below for a statement of aims), which is chaired by Dr Raf Nicholson. The conference will serve as the launch of the network, and all conference attendees will be encouraged to sign up to network membership. More information about the network will be provided during the conference. As part of the conference there will also be an opportunity to look round the museum, which in 2018 became the first fully-accredited cricket museum in the UK.

We are seeking short (maximum 20-minute) research-based presentations from anyone who has original research into cricket which they would like to share. Presentations from postgraduate students and Early Career Researchers are especially encouraged. Topics for presentations could include (but are not limited to): 

      • Issues of EDI in cricket, including sexism, racism, class-based discrimination and ableism
      • The impact and future of The Hundred
      • The economics of cricket, including possible foreign investment
      • Grassroots cricket and volunteering
      • The governance of cricket
      • Media coverage and marketing of cricket
      • Cricket and the environment 

If you would like to present your research, please email Raf Nicholson on with the following information: 

      • Your name and the proposed title of your presentation
      • Your institutional affiliation (university / cricket organisation / other), if any
      • A short summary of what you propose to speak about (max 200 words)
      • A short biography (max 50 words) 

The deadline to apply is Friday 1 December 2023.

Cricket Research Network statement of aims

We are a group of researchers and writers, working on and within cricket. We agree with the ICEC’s conclusion that cricket should be a game for everyone, that belongs to everyone – but isn’t at the moment. We believe that change within cricket is necessary – and that change should be informed by critical, empirical research. 

Our aims are:

      • To create conversations and connections between academics, writers, journalists, policy-makers and all those working within cricket;
      • To create a “hub” for research into and writing on cricket, making it easily accessible for anyone interested in engaging with existing work;
      • To provide a space for researchers and writers to showcase their work;
      • To break down myths and misconceptions about cricket;
      • To promote awareness of how to bring about change within cricket, based on empirical, evidence-based research;
      • To bridge the current divide between and bring together academic researchers, cricket writers, volunteers, and all those working in cricket. 
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