Call for Papers | 2017 ISSA World Congress, Taoyuan City, Taiwan, May 30 – June 2


From May 30-June 2, 2017 the International Sociology of Sport Association (ISSA) will hold its World Congress in Taoyuan, Taiwan at the National Taiwan Sport University (NTSU). The local Organizing Committee – Taiwan Society of Sport Sociology (TSSS) and NTSU – is honoured to organize this event with the theme “Reimagining Democracies and Sport”.

The main goal of the conference is to gather the international community of sociologists of sport to discuss the key issues and debates surrounding the role and place of sport in a global society. The congress will allow common interests linked to this theme to emerge, provide networking opportunities to develop collaborative research projects, and extend international scientific knowledge in human and social sciences. This congress is organized with the support of the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science and Technology, the City Government of Taoyuan.

Reimagining Democracies and Sport

“If we take the simple democratic view that what men (sic) are interested in is all that concerns us, then we are accepting the values that have been inculcated, often accidentally and often deliberately by vested interests. These values are often the only ones men (sic) have had any chance to develop. They are unconsciously acquired habits rather than choices” C. W. Mills (1959: 194)

Democracy and Sport has increasing importance for global sport society. In this process, democracy and sport may be seen as one of the most important issues in the social sciences of sport. The common understanding of democracy in sport as participation by members or citizens in the decision making of a sport organization or sport society still leaves considerable room for dispute.

Two issues are essential in discussion of democracy and sport:

  1. Who are, or should be, considered members of the sport society?
  2. What does, or should, constitute a minimum level of control over decision making by members for a sport system to be thought of as democratic?

In short, how much participation is necessary for a sport system to be democratic? These questions are not simply matters of empirical observation of the sport world, but also matters for moral and political thought in sport and requires critical sociological views. Beyond the main theme, the congress will also feature a diverse range of sessions to enable scholars, including postgraduate students, the opportunity to share their latest research.

Venue: National Taiwan Sport University, Official Website:

Free Gift: The first 200 delegates to register by the January 31, 2017 early bird registration deadline will receive a free pair of shoes from TSSS.

 Research topics include:

    • Community Sports and Social Inclusion Elite vs. Sport for All
    • New Sporting Activities
    • Physical Education and Sport at School / University Race and Ethnicity
    • Sport and Disability: New Sporting Activities and New Technologies Sport and Doping
    • Sport and Emerging Markets Sport and Ethics
    • Sport and Gender
    • Sport and Globalization
    • Sport  and  Health
    • Sport and Identity
    • Sport and Literature
    • Sport and Marketing
    • Sport and Media
    • Sport and National Identity
    • Sport and New Technologies
    • Sport and Organizational Behaviour
    • Sport and Performance
    • Sport and Philosophy
    • Sport and Regional Development
    • Sport and Social Change
    • Sport and Social Class
    • Sport and Urban Development Sport and Violence
    • Sport Participation and Measurement
    • Sport, Business, and Management
    • Sport, Development, and Peace
    • Sport,  Economics,  and  Society
    • Sport, Physical Activity and Ageing
    • Sport, Physical Activity, and Education
    • Sport, Politics, and Policy
    • Sport, Social Inclusion and Exclusion
    • Sport and Sexuality
    • Teaching the Sociology of Sport
    • Other Issues Related to the Sociology of Sport

Important Dates

  • Abstract Submission Deadline Opens – December 1, 2016
  • Registration & Accommodation – December, 2016
  • Early Registration Deadline – January 31, 2017
  • Regular Registration Deadline – March 15, 2017
  • Congress Dates – May 30-June 2, 2017

Visit for congress details on abstract submission, registration, accommodation and so on.

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