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The registration deadline for the 2013 AIESEP Specialist Seminar has been extended to this Friday, August 16th. This is the final deadline! The seminar, due to take place at the University of Jyväskylä on September 12th-14th of this year, will focus on discussion around key questions in the area of PETE, as well as future research directions, funding and collaborations. So far, it is anticipated that there will be approximately 45 participants from 10 countries. If you would like to present relevant research, or simply join the discussion groups, you can register at The keynote speakers will be Prof. Mary O’Sullivan (Ireland), Prof. Hans van der Mars (USA), Dr. Pasi Sahlberg (Finland) and Dr. Helena Rasku-Puttonen (Finland). More information is available on the seminar webpage (above). Please ensure you pass this information on to any contacts around the world who might be interested.

The 2014 AIESEP World Congress will be held in Auckland (New Zealand) on Monday, 10 February to Thursday, 13 February 2014. The theme of the Congress is “Educating for active healthy citizens.” There are six sub-themes: Physical education, sport and the making of active healthy citizens; Youth education, social contexts and health literacies; Exploring the pleasure of movement experiences; Professional learning and development of PE teachers and sports coaches; New perspectives on movement, health, sport and physical activity; Eastern and indigenous perspectives on movement, health and well-being. The program structure will fit to the usual AIESEP World Congresses model: Keynote presentations; Cagigal Lecture; Regular, full-length papers; Research symposia; Poster presentations. Notice that the AIESEP General Assembly (with the elections of the new Board) will be organized during the congress. Accepted Authors must register by 28 October, 2013; Early-bird registrations close 29 November, 2013.

Additionally, there will be a Pre-Congress Symposium before the AIESEP World Congress on February 9, 2014 inAuckland, New Zealand organized by the TGfU Special Interest Group “Using TGfU to promote active and healthy citizens”. This special one-day symposium will focus on the latest research and advances in teaching games framed by TGfU approaches. It provides a special opportunity for teachers to mix with leading TGfU experts from around the world. Sessions include practical workshops, discussions, and paper presentations. The symposium is open to all teachers, postgraduate students, researchers, coaches, school sport coordinators. For more information please visit

Moreover, on 16-17 February 2014 (immediately after the AIESEP World congress in Auckland), the University of Canterbury (New Zealand) will organize an International Symposium on Physical Education & Sport Studies ‘Physical Education and Sport: Current dilemmas and future possibilities’. This event will interest postgraduate students, emerging and experienced researches interested in fostering physical education and sport studies research related to contemporary dilemmas, challenges and future possibilities. Visit for further details.

The Japanese PE community is particularly affected by the death of Prof. Takeo Takahashi (1943.06.09-2013.7.16) who was the innovative and leader of the sport pedagogy in Japan. He worked as the chair of the committee that developed and implemented the 1998 and 2008 PE programs for elementary schools in Japan. He played also a determining role within the Japanese Society of Sport Education which he chaired since 2009. AIESEP recognizes his central role in the organization of the International Conference held in Sapporo (2008). He was well known as one of the ‘Siedentopians’ and was influenced by scholars such as Ommo Grupe, Peter Arnold, Bart Crum, John Cheffers, & Dietrich Kurz. In this sense, he is considered as the pioneer for the internationalization of Japanese sport pedagogy. He was not only curious in his research endeavours but also in his personal life. AIESEP offers its deepest sympathy to the family of Prof. Takahashi and all his colleagues.

The main purpose of the ICSSPE is to serve as an international “umbrella” organisation concerned with the promotion and dissemination of results and findings in the field of sport science and their practical application in cultural and educational contexts. ICSSPE proposes several books and free resources for scholars and practitioners. Moreover, members’ corner of the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE) website comprises several documents/services that are available to AIESEP members. Guidelines to login are available on the AIESEPMembers’ corner (‘Other Resources’ è ‘Access to the ICSSPE Members Area’).

Be a part of history by participating with leaders in the field at the NAKHE (host), AAHPERD, ACSMAIESEPAKA, & NAK collaborative conference: STEPS into the Future: Exploring Opportunities and Facing the Challenges of the 21st Century. This major event will be held on January 8 – 12, 2014 at the Bahia Resort Hotel – San Diego, CA (USA). Distinguished delegates from each of these associations are meeting as a Congress – much like the Adelphi Congressconceptualized by William Anderson in 1885 and the 1889 Boston Conference in the Interest of Physical Trainingorganized by Mary Hemenway and Amy Morris Homans – to address the most pressing issues in the field of Kinesiology. Congress attendees from all associations will have the opportunity to share ideas in regularly scheduled sessions and participate in conference-wide roundtable discussions as delegates. Papers for the Proceedings of the 2014 Congress will be included in a peer reviewed online journal. All submissions must follow published guidelines and submitted by September 1, 2013. Details are available at Proposals to present papers in the following strand blocks will be accepted until September 1: (1) Administrator Workshop Theme: Exploring Opportunities and Facing; (2) Leadership Challenges Kinesiology faculty for the 21st Century; (3) Adapting curricula for the 21st Century; (4) The Public face of Kinesiology in the 21st Century; (5) The roles and responsibilities of sport and Kinesiology; (6) Reaching beyond the walls. Leadership Opportunities exist for those of you who wish to be roundtable discussion chairs who will summarize and report roundtable discussions that will be a valuable part of a post 2014 Congress white paper. Contact Betty Block at for more information.

Physical Education Pedagogy – web-based CPD Project. A group of scholars around the world is developing a project or intended to support the translation of existing research findings into practice and to provide teachers and learners with access to research based advice. It will cover all curriculum subjects as well as more general issues in education. Further information can be found on and the medical model, which has inspired the education model, can be found on Please contact Margaret Whitehead if you would like more information.

After 15 years of existence, the association “Fais-nous rêver, l’Agence pour l’Education par le Sport” (Dream up, the Agency for Education through Sport, also called APELS) has now become a national model of education through sport in France. Its mission consists in developing and highlighting the educational, social and inclusive dimensions of physical activity and sport at a local level as well as helping everyone (whether they are disadvantaged or not) to practice a sport that can contribute to their physical and social well-being. The Agency organizes the first international version of the Educasport Forum in Paris (France). The goal of this event is to present local sport and educational initiatives from all around the world, to create a common set of knowledge through exchanges of best practices, in order to consider building alliances and convergences of values and methods to elaborate an international network for cohesive sport while opening up the scope of partnership (sport, school, integration, humanitarian action, collectivities). Educasport 2013 wants to be a platform for initiatives and thoughts during 3 days (November 27-29, 2013). For the first time in France, everyone from all over the world involved in education through sport will be gathered. This call for inputs, dedicated to Ph.D. students and those holding a Ph.D. for less than 3 years, aims to highlight innovative approaches related to the theme, while giving priority to the insights of young scholars coming from all over the world. Proposals are expected on the following themes: Comparative approaches of the educational and integration systems through sport; New methods for physical activity and sport; The skills of educators through sport; Programs  of  physical  activity  and  sport  adapted  to  specific  audiences … Contact, submission and information: Prof. Gilles Vieille Marchiset ( For more details:

The 3rd Congress of the Portuguese Scientific Society of Sport Pedagogy (Sociedade Cientifica de Pedagogia do Desporto) will be held on October 18-19, 2013 in Espinho (Portugal). All details are available on

For the sixth time, The International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE) is organizing the international seminar “Communities and Crisis – Inclusive Development through Sport.” The seminar will take place inRheinsberg, Germany from 18-23 October 2013 and address social workers, psychologists, students and coaches who are interested in utilising sport for development purposes and believe that sport, play and physical activity can be integral parts to the community rebuilding process. Through this programme, participants will learn how to use sport as positive means of physiological and psychological rehabilitation, both through practical, hands-on workshops as well as through theoretical learning sessions. It emphasises the importance of cultural sensitivity and the implementation of appropriate monitoring and evaluation techniques. Further information regarding the seminar and the location can be obtained from In case of more questions the ICSSPE office may be contacted through

Early bird registration is open for The Prevention Summit: Preventing Sexual Abuse in Schools and Youth-Serving Organizations which will be held November 19, 2013 at the Sheraton Hotel & Conference Center in Framingham, MA(USA). For more details, visit the Website:

The European Handball Federation and the Union of University Handball Teachers are very pleased  to announce the 2nd EHF Scientific Conference, entitled “Women and Handball: Scientific and Practical Approaches” to be held 22-23 November 2013, in Vienna (Austria). Additional info on: or

The Special Interest Group (SIG) in Research on Learning and Instruction in Physical Education of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) AERA encourages you to participate in the 2014 AERA Annual Meeting to be held Thursday, April 3 – Monday, April 7, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. This year’s Annual Meeting Theme: “The Power of Education Research for Innovation in Practice and Policy.”

1st announcement for the 3rd World Scientific Congress of Combat Sports and Martial Arts  + 3rd Martial Arts’ Galathat will be organized at the University of Rzeszow, Rzeszów (Poland) on October 15-17, 2014. Contact: e-mail: ; website:

A new sports coaching journal was recently announced and will begin publication in January 2014. The International Sport Coaching Journal (ISCJ) is a joint venture of the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD) and International Council for Coaching Excellence (ICCE) and will be published by Human Kinetics. Its mission is to “advance the profession of coaching through research articles, informative essays, experiential accounts, and systematic applications that enhance the education, development of knowledge, leadership, and best practices of coaches.” In short, ISCJ will seek to convey today’s art and science of coaching through a perfect blend of relevant studies, technical insights, examples of coaching methods employed around the world, engaging front-line stories, and thought-provoking commentaries. The co-editors of the new journal are Dr. Wade Gilbert and Dr. Patrick Duffy. Visit the journal website to learn more about the types of papers that will be considered and manuscript submission guidelines:


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