Vacancy | Senior lecturer in Sport Sciences | Linnaeus University, Campus Kalmar. Apply before October 31, 2017

The Department of Sport Sciences is one of six departments at the Faculty of Social Sciences. The department has about 40 employees and is located in Kalmar and Växjö.

The Department of Sport Sciences conducts research and education in the multi-disciplinary field of physical activity and health. To broaden the area we are now recruiting a highly motivated and experienced staff member with expertise in nutrition and exercise physiology.

Reference number

Field of subject for the appointment
Sport Sciences

Campus Kalmar

Scope of appointment
Full-time. Permanent position. The university routine is to apply a six month trial period of employment

Job description

The position as a senior lecturer includes research, education and innovation with special attention towards sport nutrition connected to physical activity and exercise. General involvement in the overall sports science community is also expected; this may include work in other sport science fields.

The position includes teaching, supervision, examination, educational planning and development work. These responsibilities may apply to education programs, elective courses, and collaborative assignments. Teaching responsibilities include teaching students studying in both campus-based and distance-based programs.

A central task for the successful applicant is to develop research in sport nutrition connected to physical activity and exercise physiology. This includes both personal research and development work in collaboration with other staff members contribution to the development and operation of the associated research environment.


Eligible applicants to the senior lecturer position is a person who has demonstrated teaching expertise and been awarded a doctorate, or has equivalent scientific experience considering the subject matter of the post and the duties it will involve.

In accordance with Linnaeus University’s appointment procedure, pedagogical proficiency is considered to include the planning, implementation and evaluation of teaching as well as supervision and examination.

Assessment grounds

The level of a candidate’s proficiency in the areas required to be eligible for the position constitutes the primary criteria for assessing his/her suitability. The examination of the candidate’s pedagogical proficiency will be given as much consideration as the examination of the her/his scientific accomplishments.

Other desirable attributes include documented interpersonal skills, documented relevant experience in teaching and educational planning at the university level (within the field of study associated with the position) and documented experience with teaching work in a school setting or having completed a teaching-related education program, as well as documented experience in the field of educational development work.

When the university hires a new teacher, it must select him/her according to a qualitative assessment of his/her overall competence and skills, and choose the candidate who is considered to be best prepared to carry out and develop the relevant work responsibilities, and to contribute to the successful development of the university’s operations.


Head of Department:
Marie Hedberg, +46 470 70 8084

Madeleine Sjöstedt, +46 480 446078

Welcome to send in your application by October 31, 2017
at the latest, by clicking here!

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