Timisoara Physical Education and Rehabilitation Journal, Volume 9, 2016, Issue 17

Study regarding the development of agility skills of students aged between 10 and 12 years old
Sopa, Ioan Sabin / Pomohaci, Marcel
Page 7

« If you control your nutrition, you can shape your body at will! ». A rational management of food intake by bodybuilders
Perera, Eric
Page 17

Evaluation of some physical fitness characteristics at age 11 to 13
Popovici, Ileana-Monica / Popescu, Lucian / Radu, Liliana-Elisabeta
Page 24

Study regarding team statistics at the last three men’s basketball World Championship
Petreanu, Adrian Gheorghe / Petreanu, Manuela
Page 29

The methods used for the diagnosis and evaluation of scoliosis
Vutan, Ana-Maria / Lovasz, Erwin-Christian / Amarandei, Mihaela / Ciupe, Valentin
Page 36

Postural differences of volleyball players
Borozan, Ion-Silviu / Grădinaru, Sorin / Miron, Paul / Puta, Tiberiu / Bota, Eugen
Page 42

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