“The Role of Social Work Practice, Advocacy, and Research in College Athletics” | Special issue of Journal of Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics

Special Issue Editors’ Note: The Role of Social Work Practice, Advocacy, and Research in College Athletics
Emmett Gill, Diana Rowan, Matt Moore
Open access. Download

Jane Addams’ Forgotten Legacy: Recreation and Sport
Jerry F. Reynolds II
Open access. Download

College Athletes and Crime: The Role of Race, Age, and Peers and the Implications for Social Work Practice in College Sports
Emmett L. Gill, Jr
Open access. Download

Sexual Violence in Intercollegiate Athletics: A Historical Perspective of Male Athletic Entitlement
Lorin Mordecai
Open access. Download

The Emotional Needs of Women in Sports: An Exploration of Self-Efficacy, Self-Compassion, and Self-Conscious Emotions
Ginger S. Gummelt
Open access. Download

Is There a Need for Social Workers in Intercollegiate Athletics? A Conceptual Study
John Miller, Raymond Waller
Open access. Download

I Know I Can Learn: The Perceptions of NCAA Division I Football College Athletes with Learning Disabilities
Sarah Stokowski, Heather Blunt-Vinti, Robin Hardin, Benjamin D. Goss, Megan Turk
Open access. Download

Understanding Student-Athlete Reintegration: Using Social Work Strengths
Charlotte E. Dean, Jerry F. Reynolds II
Open access. Download

Stepping Outside of their Comfort Zone: Perceptions of Seeking Behavioral Health Services amongst College Athletes
Matt Moore
Open access. Download

Clinical Social Work and Coaching: The Similarities That Foster Collaboration
Marc V. Felizzi
Open access. Download

College Athletes, Social Justice, and the Role of Social Workers in Advocating for Change
Lauren Mc Coy, Evie Oregon, Dana J. Sullivan
Open access. Download

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