Call for Papers | “Sports & Spirituality in Catholic Higher Education” | Special issue of Journal of Catholic Higher Education

The Journal of Catholic Higher Education is currently accepting manuscripts for an upcoming volume.

In higher education, sports serve a critical function, helping students develop physically, mentally, and emotionally. At Catholic colleges and universities, integration of the faith into athletics programs enables students to grow in their love of God, as well. At many institutions, athletic departments, campus ministries, and chaplaincy offices are working together to attend to the faith development and spiritual needs of student-athletes.

Inspired by the Pontifical Council for Culture’s 2016 “Sport at the Service of Humanity” conference, as well as a 2017 follow-up event at Villanova University, an upcoming edition of the Journal of Catholic Higher Education will examine the intersection of sports and spirituality in Catholic higher education. Manuscripts submitted for consideration should directly address relevant issues, including (but not limited to):

  • In what ways are Catholic colleges and universities tending to the faith development and spiritual growth of student-athletes?
  • How are Catholic colleges and universities building bridges between their athletics departments and campus ministry/chaplaincy personnel in order to better integrate spirituality into student-athlete development? What effects are these efforts having on student athletes?
  • To what extent does assessment of athletics department policies, practices, and procedures exemplify the Catholic identity and core values of the institution?
  • How is the spirit of the institution’s religious founder or foundress expressed through athletic endeavors?
  • How does contemporary Catholic higher education advance the Church’s historical interest in sport?

The Journal encourages submissions from authors who are not affiliated with a Catholic college or university, provided that manuscripts address topics that have clear application to Catholic higher education.

The Journal seeks original compositions that exhibit high scholarly quality. Articles should contain a thesis, argument, case study, historical account, theoretical application, philosophical contribution, or other form of expert analysis. Please see or contact for more information.

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