The Physical Educator, Vol. 73 No. 4

New Graduate Entry: Students’ Transition to an Adapted Physical Education Graduate Program
Takahiro Sato, Amaury Samalot-Rivera, and Francis M. Kozub

Does Varying Attentional Focus Affect Skill Acquisition in Children? A Comparison of Internal and External Focus Instructions and Feedback
Charles Agar, Charlotte A. Humphries, Millie Naquin, Edward Hebert, and Ralph Wood

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Concerns of the Novice Physical Education Teacher
Evelyn J. Gordon

Content Analysis of Conceptually Based Physical Education in Southeastern United States Universities and Colleges
Suzanne Ellen Williams, Leon Greene, Sonya Satinsky, and John Neuberger

Effects of Music on Physical Activity Rates of Junior High School Physical Education Students
Lindsey Brewer, David C. Barney, Keven A. Prusak, and Todd Pennington

Preservice Physical Education Teachers’ Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge
Kristin Scrabis-Fletcher, Susana Juniu, and Eric Zullo

Active Bodies/Active Brains: The Relationship Between Physical Engagement and Children’s Brain Development
Deborah A. Stevens-Smith

Children’s Activity Levels and Lesson Context During Summer Swim Instruction
Benjamin Schwamberger and Zachary Wahl-Alexander

Effect of Body Composition, Physical Activity, and Aerobic Fitness on the Physical Activity and Fitness Knowledge of At-Risk Inner-City Children
Timothy A. Brusseau, Ryan D. Burns, and James C. Hannon

Effects of “Fair Play Game” Strategy on Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity in Physical Education
Liane B. Azevedo, Carla Vidoni, and Sarah Dinsdal

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