The Physical Educator Vol. 73 No. 3

jtpe-dsFemale Athletes’ Rankings of Coaching Behavior: A Longitudinal Report

The Impact of Stability Balls, Activity Breaks, and a Sedentary Classroom on Standardized Math Scores
Tim Mead, Lesley Scibora, Jolynn Gardner, and Sean Dunn

Manifestation of Anti-Fat Bias in Preservice Physical Education Teachers
Tucker Readdy and Tristan L. Wallhead

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Teaching Physical Literacy to Promote Healthy Lives: TGfU and Related Approaches
Ashley Doozan and Mihae Bae

Effects of Teacher-to-Student Relatedness on Adolescent Male Motivation in a Weight Training Class
Zack Beddoes, Keven Prusak, David Barney, and Carol Wilkinson

Measuring Perceptions of Teachers’ Caring Behaviors and Their Relationship to Motivational Responses in Physical Education Among Middle School Students
Qi Zhao and Weidong Li

Measuring Student Motivation in High School Physical Education: Development and Validation of Two Self-Report Questionnaires
Lauren Sulz, Viviene Temple, and Sandra Gibbons

Effects of a Bug-in-the-Ear Intervention to Increase Physical Activity Prompting and Level During Preschool Recess
David Kahan, Virginie Nicaise, and Karen Reuben

The Nature and Incorporation of CSPAP Learning Experiences in Physical Education Teacher Education: Accounts of Faculty From “Highly Effective” Programs
Collin A. Webster, Laura Russ, Liana Webster, Sergio Molina, Heesu Lee, and Jason Cribbs

Marketing Effectiveness of the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games: Implications for Physical Activity
Lawrence W. Judge, Don Lee, Donald L. Hoover, Jeffrey C. Petersen, David M. Bellar, Sarah Deitz, Brianna Leitzelar, and Kara Holtzclaw

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