The Physical Educator Vol. 72 No. 5

tpe-dsComparing Levels of Anti-Fat Bias Between American and Mexican Athletes and Undergraduate Physical Education and Exercise Science Students
Miriam Wood Alameda, James Whitehead

Effect of Personalized System of Instruction on Health-Related Fitness Knowledge and Class Time Physical Activity
Steven L. Prewitt, James C. Hannon, Gavin Colquitt, Timothy A. Brusseau, Maria Newton, Janet Shaw

Investigation of Pupils’ Levels of MVPA and VPA During Physical Education Units Focused on Direct Instruction and Tactical Games Models
Stephen Harvey, Lindsey Smith, Stuart Fairclough, Louise Savory, Catherine Kerr

Quantitative Methodology: A Guide for Emerging Physical Education and Adapted Physical Education Researchers
Justin A. Haegele, Samuel R. Hodge

The Socratic Gymnasium: Learning Lessons of Life Through Physical Education
Klara Dianna Gubacs-Collins

Task Design and Skill Level Perceptions of Middle School Students Toward Competition in Dance-Related Active Gaming
Eve Bernstein, Anne Gibbone, Paul Rukavina

An Application of the Trans-Contextual Model of Motivation in Elementary School Physical Education
Yannis Ntovolis, Vassilis Barkoukis, Evaggelos Michelinakis, Haralambos Tsorbatzoudis

Xbox Kinect Gaming Systems as a Supplemental Tool Within a Physical Education Setting: Third and Fourth Grade Students’ Perspectives
Cole J. Shewmake, Michael D. Merrie, Paul Calleja

Gender Differences Regarding Motivation for Physical Activity Among College Students: A Self-Determination Approach
Michael E. Lauderdale, Sami Yli-Piipari, Carol C. Irwin, Todd E. Layne

Increasing Physical Activity During the School Day Through Physical Activity Classes: Implications for Physical Educators
Megan Adkins, Matt Bice, Todd Bartee, Kate Heelan

Summer Camp and Positive Youth Development: Program With Romanian Youth
Jennifer S. Feenstra

The Effects of Motivational Climate on Youth Sport Participants
Alison Prichard, Joe Deutsch

A Comparison of Selected Supervisory Skills of Content Specialist and Non-Content Specialist University Supervisors
Kevin Hunt, Murray Mitchell, Michael Maina, Lisa Griffin

A Conceptual Model of Observed Physical Literacy
Dean A. Dudley

Effect of Physical Education Teachers’ Computer Literacy on Technology Use in Physical Education
Rolf Kretschmann

The Effects of Field Experience on Delivery of Feedback
Adolfo R. Ramos, Kerry Esslinger, Elizabeth Pyle

Inhibitors to Responsibility-Based Professional Development With In-Service Teachers
Michael A. Hemphill

Pairing Learners by Companionship: Effects on Motor Skill Performance and Comfort Levels in the Reciprocal Style of Teaching
Constantine Chatoupis

Physical Educators’ Perceptions of Their Use of NASPE Standards
Timothy Baghurst, Jennifer Langley, Jason C. Bishop

Preservice Physical Educators’ Perspectives of Sport Education
Alisa James, Douglas Collier, Tim Brusseau

Relationship Between Teacher Fidelity and Physical Education Student Outcomes
Jerry W. Loflin

Work Ability of Finnish Physical Education Teachers
Kasper Mäkelä, Mirja Hirvensalo

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