The Physical Educator Vol. 71 No. 2

tpe-dsHealthy Living Initiative: Running/Walking Club
Michalis Stylianou, Pamela Hodges Kulinna, Tiffany Kloeppel

Want to Add Pizazz to Your Weight Training Class? Try Sport Education!
Tony Pritchard, Starla McCollum, Andrew Hansen

The Relationship Between Preservice Teacher’s Health-Related Fitness and Movement Competency in Gymnastics
Collin Andrew Webster, Liana Webster, Jason Cribbs, Benjamin Wellborn, Matthew Blake Lineberger, Rob Doan

Importance of Health-Related Fitness Knowledge to Increasing Physical Activity and Physical Fitness
Rick C. Ferkel, Lawrence W. Judge, David F. Stodden, Kent Griffin

Teachers’ and Students’ Perceptions of the Active Science Curriculum: Incorporating Physical Activity Into Middle School Science Classrooms
Kevin E. Finn, Kyle J. McInnis

Effects of Varying Team Sizes on Physical Activity Levels of College Students
Karen Lux Gaudreault, David Cluphf, Jared Russell, James LeCheminant

Curricular Issues in Urban High School Physical Education
Robert Schmidlein, Brad Vickers, Rose Chepyator-Thomson

Pre-Service Teachers’ Observations of Experienced Teachers
Jayne M. Jenkins

Accomplished Teachers’ Implementation of Quality Teaching Practices
Weiyun Chen, Austin Hammond-Bennett, Ashely Upton, Steve Mason

Impact of a Peer-Tutoring Course on Skill Performance, Assessment, and Instruction
Andy R. Pulling, Ray Allen

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