Sport Scholar Profile | Aurélien Daudi, Malmö University


  • Ph.D. Candidate in Sport Science


  • Dept. of Sport Sciences, Malmö University, SE-205 06 Malmö, Sweden
  • E-mail

Research interests

Sport science, philosophy, social media

Current project

  • ”Conspicuous fitness” A philosophical investigation into fitness culture and its emergence on social media.

Selected publications



Konferensrapport SVEBI 2019 – (idrotts)tendenser i tiden [Conference Report SVEBI 2019 – (sports) tendencies in our times] (feature article, with Lovisa Broms and Johan Högman, SWE 200121)
Sålunda talade Monica Aldama: Cheerleading och Nietzscheansk transcendens (feature article, SWE 200331)
Thus spoke Monica Aldama: Cheerleading and Nietzschean transcendence (feature article, 200609)
The epistemology of the anointed (research article, 210505)
Fitness Philanthropy: Sport, Charity and Everyday Giving Catherine Palmer Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2020 (book review, ENG 210610)
Daudi, Aurélien Social Media Hedonism and the Case of “Fitspiration”: A Nietzschean Critique (Feature article, published 221115)

Published 2020-11-03 | Updfated 2022-11-15

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