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    An unremarkable but well-crafted story of loss, sport and charity, that pulls at the heartstrings

    The annual Hot Undies Run benefits the Muscular Dystrophy Association and Undies for Everyone, in Houston TX.
    Yet another benefit of sport and physical activity, negating the traditional understanding of “le sport pour le sport”, is the effects of combining it with charity. This is the subject of a monograph by Catherine Palmer, Fitness Philanthropy: Sport, Charity and Everyday Giving (Cambridge Scholars Publishing), which Aurélien Daudi has read on our behalf. His review problematizes the concept of fitness philanthropy while acknowledging its healing potential and other positive aspects.

    The epistemology of the anointed

    Aurélien Daudi’s article is a philosophical critique of the foundations of postmodernism, the contemporary disciplines that derive from it and by extension share its philosophical roots, as well as of the scholarly activism it has given rise to. Moralism, postmodernism and political activism are intrinsically linked, he argues, and all too present in the social sciences and humanities of today.

    Sport Scholar Profile | Aurélien Daudi, Malmö University

    Aurélien Daudi is a Ph.D. student at Malmö University. The subject of his research is the thriving domain of social media, particularly the digital culture surrounding fitness which, through the advent of social media, has grown immensely in popularity and appeal, recruiting into its midst young people from all over the world. He posits a dialectical synergy between fitness as a social practice and the governing values at the heart of social media.

    Thus spoke Monica Aldama: Cheerleading and Nietzschean transcendence

    Aurélien Daudi’s article is a philosophical examination of the six-part documentary series, Cheer, which debuted on Netflix on the 8th of January 2020 to widespread enthusiasm. In applying the philosophy of Nietzsche, notably his perhaps most famed work, the enigmatic Thus Spoke Zarathustra, and utilizing concepts like the overman, self-overcoming and the will to power, Daudi present an alternate interpretation of the events played out in series.

    Sålunda talade Monica Aldama: Cheerleading och Nietzscheansk transcendens

    Cheer är namnet på en dokumentärserie i sex delar som den 8 januari 2020 debuterade på Netflix och rönte stor uppmärksamhet världen över. Serien följer det unga cheerleadinglaget på Navarro College i Corsicana, Texas, och deras förberedelser inför den årliga collegetävlingen i Daytona, Florida. Aurélien Daudi i gott sällskap reflekterar över seriens djupare liggande budskap och dess relevans för idrotten i vid mening.

    Konferensrapport SVEBI 2019 – (idrotts)tendenser i tiden

    Den 21–22 november 2019 samlades forskare från hela Sverige på Gymnastik- och idrottshögskolan, GIH, i Stockholm för den årliga SVEBI-konferensen. Efter två dagar fyllda av intressanta presentationer, händer röda av entusiastiskt applåderande och sinnen överfulla av spännande tankar och idéer, har forumets utsända levererat en sammanfattande redogörelse av konferensdagarna.
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