Sport Management Review, Volume 22, 2019, Issue 2

Reviews and Theoretical Advances

A systematic review of sport for development interventions across six global cities
Pages 181-193
Meredith A. Whitley, William V. Massey, Martin Camiré, Lindsey C. Blom, Megan Chawansky, Shawn Forde, Mish Boutet, Amanda Borbee, Simon C. Darnell

Research Articles

Team identification and sports fandom as predictors of fan aggression: The moderating role of ageing
Pages 194-208
Anat Toder-Alon, Tamar Icekson, Avichai Shuv-Ami

Upward and downward job mobility and player market values in contemporary European professional football
Pages 209-221
Thijs A. Velema

Sponsor-event congruence effects: The moderating role of sport involvement and mediating role of sponsor attitudes
Pages 222-234
Jakeun Koo, Younghan Lee

Is it worth the price? The role of perceived financial risk, identification, and perceived value in purchasing pay-per-view broadcasts of combat sports
Pages 235-246
Stephen L. Shapiro, Lamar Reams, Kevin Kam Fung So

The chaos of inclusion? Examining anti-homophobia policy development in New Zealand sport
Pages 247-262
Sally Shaw

Host residents’ role in sporting events: The city image perspective
Pages 263-275
Daichi Oshimi, Munehiko Harada

Did London 2012 deliver a sports participation legacy?
Pages 276-287
Themis Kokolakakis, Fernando Lera-López, Girish Ramchandani

Book Reviews

Mark Piekarz, Ian Jenkins, Peter Mills. Risk and safety management in the leisure, events, tourism and sports industries, 1st edition. CABI, Nosworthy Way, Wallingford, Oxfordshire, OX10 8DE, UK (2015). 283 pages, ISBN-13: 978 1 78064 449 3
Pages 288-289
Lewis Laing

The economics of sports betting; Placido Rodrigues, Brad R Humphreys and Robert Simmons (Eds.), 2007, Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham UK & Massachussetts US
Pages 290-291
Deepak Dhayanithy

Advanced Theory and Practice in Sport Marketing, Eric C. Schwarz, Jason D. Hunter., 3rd edition, Routledge (2018), 354 pp., eText ISBN: 9781351667623
Pages 292-293
Hung Q. Huynh

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