Sport Management Review, Volume 21, 2018, Issue 1

Reviews and Theoretical Advances

eSport: Construct specifications and implications for sport management
Review Article Pages 1-6
George B. Cunningham, Sheranne Fairley, Lesley Ferkins, Shannon Kerwin, Daniel Lock, Sally Shaw, Pamela Wicker

eSport management: Embracing eSport education and research opportunities
Review Article Pages 7-13
Daniel C. Funk, Anthony D. Pizzo, Bradley J. Baker

eSports – Competitive sports or recreational activity?
Review Article Pages 14-20
Kirstin Hallmann, Thomas Giel

Embracing the sportification of society: Defining e-sports through a polymorphic view on sport
Review Article Pages 21-24
Bob Heere

Research Articles

Participatory research in sport-for-development: Complexities, experiences and (missed) opportunities
Original Research Article Pages 25-37
Ramón Spaaij, Nico Schulenkorf, Ruth Jeanes, Sarah Oxford

‘Yes we are inclusive’: Examining provision for young people with disabilities in community sport clubs
Original Research Article Pages 38-50
Ruth Jeanes, Ramón Spaaij, Jonathan Magee, Karen Farquharson, Sean Gorman, Dean Lusher

LGBTQ parents’ experiences of community youth sport: Change your forms, change your (hetero) norms   
Original Research Article Pages 51-62
Dawn E. Trussell, Laura Kovac, Jen Apgar

Influence of team identification, game outcome, and game process on sport consumers’ happiness
Original Research Article Pages 63-71
Wonseok (Eric) Jang, Daniel L. Wann, Yong Jae Ko

A mixed methods analysis of disciplinary incidents in men’s soccer
Original Research Article Pages 72-85
Colin J. Deal, Kurtis Pankow, Theo A. Chu, Shannon R. Pynn, Christine L. Smyth, Nicholas L. Holt

Long-term impact of the Tokyo 1964 Olympic Games on sport participation: A cohort analysis
Original Research Article Pages 86-97
Kurumi Aizawa, Ji Wu, Yuhei Inoue, Mikihiro Sato

Book Review

Trish Bradbury, Ian O’Boyle. Understanding Sport Management: International Perspectives, 1st ed. Routledge, New York, US (2017)   
Pages 98-99
Deepak Dhayanithy

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