Psychology of Sport and Exercise, Vol. 35, March 2018


Highlighted Articles

Football refereeing: An integrative review
Review Article Pages 10-26
João Aragão e Pina, Ana Passos, Duarte Araújo, M. Travis Maynard

Youth sport as a context for supporting mental health: Adolescent male perspectives
Original Research Article Pages 55-64
Christian Swann, Joanne Telenta, Georgia Draper, Sarah Liddle, Andrea Fogarty, Diarmuid Hurley, Stewart Vella

A needs-supportive intervention to help PE teachers enhance students’ prosocial behavior and diminish antisocial behavior
Original Research Article Pages 74-88
Sung Hyeon Cheon, Johnmarshall Reeve, Nikos Ntoumanis

The role, benefits and selection of sport psychology consultants: Perceptions of youth-sport coaches and parents
Original Research Article Pages 131-142
Richard C. Thelwell, Jade Wood, Chris Harwood, Toby Woolway, Judy L. van Raalte

Open Access
Worksite intervention effects on motivation, physical activity, and health: A cluster randomized controlled trial
Original Research Article Pages 171-180
C. Pedersen, H. Halvari, G.C. Williams

Sport Psychology

Investigating the mediating role of positive and negative mastery imagery ability
Original Research Article Pages 1-9
Mary L. Quinton, Jennifer Cumming, Sarah E. Williams

Using a mixed method audit to inform organizational stress management interventions in sport
Original Research Article Pages 27-38
James L. Rumbold, David Fletcher, Kevin Daniels

Professional challenges in elite sports medicine and science: Composite vignettes of practitioner emotional labor
Original Research Article Pages 66-73
Rebecca F. Hings, Christopher R.D. Wagstaff, Valerie Anderson, Sarah Gilmore, Richard C. Thelwell

The impact of achievement goals on cheating in sport
Original Research Article Pages 98-103
Christopher Ring, Maria Kavussanu

Effect of swearing on strength and power performance
Original Research Article Pages 111-117
Richard Stephens, David K. Spierer, Emmanuel Katehis

Motivational profiles and burnout in elite athletes: A person-centered approach
Original Research Article Pages 118-125
Henrik Gustafsson, Maicon Carlin, Leslie Podlog, Andreas Stenling, Magnus Lindwall

Confirmatory factor analysis of the irrational Performance Beliefs Inventory (iPBI) in a sample of amateur and semi-professional athletes   
Pages 126-130
M.J. Turner, M.S. Allen

Compete or rest? Willingness to compete hurt among adolescent elite athletes
Original Research Article Pages 143-150
Jochen Mayer, Katrin Elisabeth Giel, Dominic Malcolm, Sven Schneider, Katharina Diehl, Stephan Zipfel, Ansgar Thiel

The challenges of the semi-professional footballer: A case study of the management of dual career development at a Victorian Football League (VFL) club
Original Research Article Pages 160-170
Matthew A. Pink, Brooke E. Lonie, John E. Saunders

Evaluating the psychometric properties of the Social Identity Questionnaire for Sport (SIQS)
Original Research Article Pages 181-188
Mark W. Bruner, Alex J. Benson

Attribution-based motivation treatment efficacy in high-stress student athletes: A moderated-mediation analysis of cognitive, affective, and achievement processes
Original Research Article Pages 189-197
Patti C. Parker, Raymond P. Perry, Jeremy M. Hamm, Judith G. Chipperfield, Steve Hladkyj, Launa Leboe-McGowan

Emotion profiles and their motivational antecedents among adolescent athletes in intensive training settings
Original Research Article Pages 198-206
Guillaume Martinent, Alexandre Gareau, Noémie Lienhart, Virginie Nicaise, Emma Guillet-Descas

Perfectionism, coping, and burnout among intercollegiate varsity athletes: A person-oriented investigation of group differences and mediation
Original Research Article Pages 207-217
Christine E. Pacewicz, John K. Gotwals, Jedediah E. Blanton

Exercise Psychology

That feeling I get: Examination of the exercise intensity-affect-enjoyment relationship
Original Research Article Pages 39-46
Daniel R. Greene, Tina A. Greenlee, Steven J. Petruzzello

The effect of mirrors on women’s state body image responses to yoga
Original Research Article Pages 47-54
Amanda L. Frayeh, Beth A. Lewis

Exercise-induced arousal affects free-choices to inhibit
Original Research Article Pages 89-97
Tommaso Dall’Acqua, Chunting Li, Francesco Ceccarini, Davide Grigoletto, Giuseppe Marcolin, Antonio Paoli, Umberto Castiello

Sticking with it? Factors associated with exercise adherence in people with mild to moderate depression
Original Research Article Pages 104-110
Björg Helgadóttir, Mats Hallgren, Cecilia L.E. Kullberg, Yvonne Forsell

Inclusive adapted sport and adventure training programme in the PTSD recovery of military personnel: A creative non-fiction
Original Research Article Pages 151-159
Suzanne Peacock, David Carless, Jim McKenna

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