PALAESTRA Vol. 27 No. 2

palaestra-dsResearch Application

Effects of Two Starting Floor Hand Positions on Movement Patterns of Elite Sitting Volleyball Players
Kunal Singhal, Sangwoo Lee, Gwan Yon Hwang, Ronald Davis, Young-Hoo Kwon

Feature Articles

Training Peer Tutors to Support Children With Severe, Multiple Disabilities in General Physical Education
Aija Klavina, Martin E. Block

Developing Evidence-Based Outcomes in Service Learning Programs for Students With Disabilities
K. Andrew R. Richards, Wesley J. Wilson, Larry J. Leverenz

Watercraft Innovations for Individuals With Disabilities in Recreation and Tourism
Jesse Dixon

Resistance Training Recommendations for Individuals With Neuromuscular Disabilities
J. P. Barfield, D. C. Cobler, Daniel Pratt, Laurie Malone

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