New international Nordic master in friluftsliv (outdoor) studies

For the first time, four Nordic institutions for higher education have developed a joint Nordic Master in Friluftsliv (Outdoor studies). The studies are full-time for a two-year period. The program provides knowledge about health perspectives related to outdoor life, green urban environments and a strengthened ability to understand and experience nature. The program is in English and starts in the fall of 2020.

The program highlights current research on outdoor life in relation to sustainability, health and learning. It also includes developing new knowledge about how people relate to and understand nature, outdoor life and its tourism. During all four seasons, practical activities will take place in the Nordic landscape.

The program combines students’ interest in health and nature with tools for more sustainable human-nature relationships. This includes knowledge of outdoor life in urban landscapes and the importance of different health perspectives related to green environments, physical activity, health and nature. The program provides a increased understanding of organizational and political issues related to outdoor life in the Nordic countries and expertise in outdoor – friluftsliv – management, says Suzanne Lundvall, head of department, GIH.

After completion of studies, there are good prospects for employment as coordinator or manager in ecotourism, health promotion or recreation. In the education sector there are many alternatives, and the program can be combined with a teacher education degree or other formal teacher qualifications. There are also opportunities for employment in higher education, or to continue with studies for a doctorate.

If you are interested in outdoor activities, green environments, health, physical activity and tourism, this master’s program is a good future choice.

The four Nordic universities are the University of South-Eastern Norway; the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, NIH; Holár University in Iceland; and the Swedish School of Sport and Health Studies, GIH, in Sweden. GIH is located near Stockholm city and the campus is located within the Royal National City Park, so the program offers plenty of opportunities for field studies in urban environments. The program is supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Information on the entire Nordic Master program:

Information about GIH’s courses and how to apply for the program:

For more information contact:
Suzanne Lundvall, head of department, GIH, e-mail:
Louise Ekström, communication officer GIH, e-mail:

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