Master’s Programme (one year) at Malmö University | Sport in Society | Apply before January 15, 2018

The programme is tailored for those who have undergraduate experience in sports science, physical education, health science and management. During the programme, you will be schooled in the latest theories and be given the opportunity to apply these theories and concepts to real-life projects through individual assignments and group projects.

What makes this programme unique?

Located in the dynamic Öresund Region, the programme is linked to Malmö’s urban environment and its position as a multicultural, innovative and sustainable city. Throughout the programme, both Scandinavian and international contexts are used as case studies, and the programme is carried out in close collaboration with industry partners and external organisations.

The programme strives to offer an international classroom environment and bring together students from different backgrounds and experiences. This allows students to deepen their knowledge and gain an overview based on the academic backgrounds and practical experience of other students, which will allow them to be able to work transcultural in their future professions.

What career will I be prepared for?

After completing the programme, you will have significantly deepened your knowledge and understanding of sport in relation to society’s change processes, and have the competence, knowledge and understanding required to work with sport in relation to sustainable development and social change.

The education is relevant for a wide range of jobs and roles where sport is used in the context of change, ranging from working with elite athletes to sporting federations or public health sectors.

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