Kinesiology Review, Volume 9, 2020, Issue 1: Proceedings of the National Academy of Kinesiology’s 2019 Meeting: Optimization of Human Performance


Optimization of Human Performance
Bradley D. Hatfield, Calvin M. Lu and Jo B. Zimmerman
Pages: 1–3


Optimizing Human Performance—A Brief History of Macro and Micro Perspectives
Mark S. Dyreson
Pages: 4–12

What Is the Value of Pursuing Optimal Athletic Performance?
Cesar R. Torres
Pages: 13–20

Biomechanics of Elite Performers: Economy and Efficiency of Movement
Geoffrey T. Burns, Kenneth M. Kozloff and Ronald F. Zernicke
Pages: 21–30

Strength, Conditioning, and Nutritional Considerations for High-Level Performers
Richard B. Kreider
Pages: 31–40

Understanding and Controlling Cortical Activity for Superior Performance
Chih-Yen Chang and Tsung-Min Hung
Pages: 41–50

Regulators of Skill Development in School Physical Education
Peter Hastie
Pages: 51–56

Sport Analytics: Science or Alchemy?
Stefan Szymanski
Pages: 57–63

New Perspectives on Risk Factors for Exertional Heat Stroke
Margaret C. Morrissey, Michael R. Szymanski, Andrew J. Grundstein and Douglas J. Casa
Pages: 64–71

Recent Advances in Prevention of Primary and Secondary Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury: What Does the Future Hold for Optimizing Knee-Joint Function?
Sandra J. Shultz and Randy J. Schmitz
Pages: 72–78

The Changing Landscape of Sport Concussion
Kevin M. Guskiewicz and Samuel R. Walton
Pages: 79–85

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