Kinesiology Review, Volume 8, 2019, Issue 2

Assessing the History of NAK’s Future

The Origins of the National Academy of Kinesiology: An American Society for a Global Crusade
Mark Dyreson

The National Academy of Kinesiology’s Unmet Potential in Terms of International Impact
Bradley J. Cardinal

Scholarly Articles

Teacher Socialization in Physical Education: A Scoping Review of Literature
K. Andrew R. Richards, Colin G. Pennington, and Oleg A. Sinelnikov

Judicious Use of Bibliometrics to Supplement Peer Evaluations of Research in Kinesiology
Duane Knudson

Online and Blended Instruction in K–12 Physical Education: A Scoping Review
Chad M. Killian, Christopher J. Kinder, and Amelia Mays Woods

Ki-Yong Nam: A Korean Marathon Runner Under Japanese Colonial Rule
Benjamin H. Nam, Sangback Nam, Adam Love, Takuya Hayakawa, Rachael C. Marshall, and Kyung Su Jung

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