Journal of Teaching in Physical Education, Volume 36, 2017, Issue 1

Editor’s Note

JTPE as Legacy
Michael W. Metzler


Revisiting the National Physical Education Content Standards: What Do We Really Know About Our Achievement of the Physically Educated/Literate Person?
Peter A. Hastie

Using Content Maps to Measure Content Development in Physical Education: Validation and Application
Phillip Ward, Fatih Dervent, Yun Soo Lee, Bomna Ko, Insook Kim, and Wang Tao

Professional Development and Teacher Perceptions of Experiences Teaching Health-Related Fitness Knowledge
Michael Hodges, Pamela Hodges Kulinna, Chong Lee, and Ja Youn Kwon

Relationships Among Middle School Students’ Expectancy Beliefs, Task Values, and Health-Related Fitness Performance
Han Chen, Haichun Sun, Jun Dai, and Michael Griffin

Group Work in Physical Education: Exploring the Interconnectedness of Theoretical Approaches and Practice
Dean Barker, Tristan Wallhead, Sheri Brock, Victoria Goodyear, and Chantal Amade-Escot

Physical Education Teachers’ Content Knowledge of Movement Capability
Gunn Nyberg and Hakan Larsson

Cognitive Disequilibrium and Service-Learning in Physical Education Teacher Education: Perceptions of Pre-Service Teachers in a Study Abroad Experience
Stefan Ward, Heidi Henschel Pellett, and Mark I. Perez

Using Photovoice to Initiate Improvement in a PETE Program
Ashley Walker, Jody L. Langdon, Gavin Colquitt, and Starla McCollum

African American Teacher Candidates’ Experiences in Teaching Secondary Physical Education
Takahiro Sato and Samuel Russell Hodge

Research Notes

Physical Education Teachers’ Perspectives and Experiences When Teaching FMS to Early Adolescent Girls
Natalie J. Lander, Lisa Hanna, Helen Brown, Amanda Telford, Philip J. Morgan, Jo Salmon, and Lisa M. Barnett

Health-Related Fitness Knowledge Development Through Project-Based Learning
Peter A. Hastie, Senlin Chen, and Anthony J. Guarino

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