International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, Volume 12, 2017, No. 1


Data, More Data, Big Data
Jos J. de Koning

Brief Review

Cold-Water Immersion for Athletic Recovery: One Size Does Not Fit All
Jessica M. Stephens, Shona Halson, Joanna Miller, Gary J. Slater, and Christopher D. Askew

Original Investigation

Longitudinal Changes and Seasonal Variation in Body Composition in Professional Australian Football Players
Johann C. Bilsborough, Thomas Kempton, Kate Greenway, Justin Cordy, and Aaron J. Coutts

The Relationship Between Whole-Body External Loading and Body-Worn Accelerometry During Team-Sport Movements
Niels J. Nedergaard, Mark A. Robinson, Elena Eusterwiemann, Barry Drust, Paulo J. Lisboa, and Jos Vanrenterghem

Three-Minute All-Out Test in Swimming
Ming-Chang Tsai and Scott G. Thomas

Validity of a Simple Method for Measuring Force-Velocity-Power Profile in Countermovement Jump
Pedro Jiménez-Reyes, Pierre Samozino, Fernando Pareja-Blanco, Filipe Conceição, Víctor Cuadrado-Peñafiel, Juan José González-Badillo, and Jean-Benoît Morin

Dependence of the Nature of the Pedaling Activity on Maximal Aerobic Power in Cycling
Anthony Bouillod, Julien Pinot, Flavien Soenen, Theo Ouvrard, and Frederic Grappe

Changes in Strength, Power, and Speed Across a Season in English County Cricketers
Christina Carr, John J. McMahon, and Paul Comfort

High-Intensity Events in International Women’s Team Handball Matches
Live S. Luteberget and Matt Spencer

Compression Garments, Muscle Contractile Function, and Economy in Trail Runners
Fabrice Vercruyssen, Mathieu Gruet, Serge S. Colson, Sabine Ehrstrom, and Jeanick Brisswalter

Effect of Cold on Proprioception and Cognitive Function in Elite Alpine Skiers
Sebastien Racinais, Nadia Gaoua, Khouloud Mtibaa, Rodney Whiteley, Christophe Hautier, and Marine Alhammoud

Sleep Quality but Not Quantity Altered With a Change in Training Environment in Elite Australian Rules Football Players
Nathan W. Pitchford, Sam J. Robertson, Charli Sargent, Justin Cordy, David J. Bishop, and Jonathan D. Bartlett

Physical Predictors of Elite Skeleton Start Performance
Steffi L. Colyer, Keith A. Stokes, James L.J. Bilzon, Marco Cardinale, and Aki I.T. Salo

The Effects of Sport-Specific Drills Training or High-Intensity Interval Training in Young Tennis Players
Jaime Fernandez-Fernandez, David Sanz, Jose Manuel Sarabia, and Manuel Moya

Effect of ad Libitum Ice-Slurry and Cold-Fluid Ingestion on Cycling Time-Trial Performance in the Heat
Ed Maunder, Paul B. Laursen, and Andrew E. Kilding

Single-Leg Power Output and Between-Limbs Imbalances in Team-Sport Players: Unilateral Versus Bilateral Combined Resistance Training
Oliver Gonzalo-Skok, Julio Tous-Fajardo, Luis Suarez-Arrones, José Luis Arjol-Serrano, José Antonio Casajús, and Alberto Mendez-Villanueva

Psychophysiological Responses to Repeated-Sprint Training in Normobaric Hypoxia and Normoxia
Franck Brocherie, Grégoire P. Millet, and Olivier Girard

Ecological Validity of the Session Rating of Perceived Exertion for Quantifying Internal Training Load in Fencing
Anthony N. Turner, Conor Buttigieg, Geoff Marshall, Angelo Noto, James Phillips, and Liam Kilduff

Brief Report

Concurrent Validity of GPS for Deriving Mechanical Properties of Sprint Acceleration
Ryu Nagahara, Alberto Botter, Enrico Rejc, Masaaki Koido, Takeshi Shimizu, Pierre Samozino, and Jean-Benoit Morin

No Change in Running Mechanics With Live High—Train Low Altitude Training in Elite Distance Runners
Abigail S.L. Stickford, Daniel P. Wilhite, and Robert F. Chapman

Differences in Oxygenation Kinetics Between the Dominant and Nondominant Flexor Digitorum Profundus in Rock Climbers
David Giles, Vanesa España Romero, Inmaculada Garrido, Alejandro de la O Puerta, Keeron Stone, and Simon Fryer

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