Journal of Sport Behavior, Vol. 44, 2021, No. 3


An Exploratory Study of the Use of Values by Coaches in the Czech Republic.
Crossan, William; Bednar, Milos; Baghurst, Timothy; Komarc, Martin

National Trends in Youth Sport during the COVID- 19 Pandemic: Understanding American Parents’ Perceptions and Perspectives.
Dorsch, Travis E.; Blazo, Jordan A.; Arthur-Banning, Skye G.; Anderson-Butcher, Dawn; Jayanthi, Neeru; Hardiman, Amand; Farrey, Tom; Solomon, Jon; Brown Lerner, Jennifer

Athletic Identity, Career Maturity, and Subjective Well-being of NCAA Division I and III Football Players.
Mathews, Alyssa. M.; Berger, Bonnie G.; Darby, Lynn A.; Owen, David R.; Tobar, David A.,

Motivators and Constraints of FCS Spectators: Examining Past-Attendee and Non-Attendee Behavior.
Mayer Jr., Kurt C.

An Examination of Fan Support of Tanking in the NBA.
Mudrick, Michael; Sauder, Molly Hayes; Davies, Melissa; Sheaffer, Kevin

Understanding the Coach’s Role in Identifying and Meeting the Motivations of Soccer Players.
Mulvenna, Claire; Leslie-Walker, A.; Wadsworth, Nick; Moran, Mark

Talking Your Way to Record Times: The Effects of Instructional and Motivational Self-Talk on 10km Time-Trial Running Performance.
Rebner, Jamie; Alexander, Danielle M.; Duncan, Lindsay R.

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